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Looking for mattress protection that isn’t hot and won’t interfere with the way your mattress feels? The ProTec Delight™ True Protection Mattress Pad checks off all of these boxes and many many more. The bathing cap skirting design keeps it on your bed even if it is 18 inches thick. Memory foam, latex, mattresses and box springs, no matter the kind of bed it will fit and is guaranteed protection that will steadfastly defend one your most expensive purchases, a mattress. Learn about all the benefits and features below.

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Gross Stuff about Mattresses

The human body gets rid of millions of dead skin flakes and as much as 1 liter of perspiration in a night. Dust mites can survive in virtually all fabrics, clothing and carpets, but did you know that even a new mattress could include dust mites in the fibers? Dust mites, in addition to the numerous cases of hay fever, eczema, and other allergic complaints affect 50 to 80 percent of asthmatics, and we haven’t even discussed mold and mildew.

So what do Allergists Recommend?

To deprive dust mites of their nutritional food source, defending our pillows and mattresses, which can dramatically reduce the dust mites’ ability to reproduce, can do this easily and cheaply. It is important that we clean our bed linens at least one time per week in a hot laundering process.

Here is How We Do It: Features and Benefits

  • Doesn’t Change Mattress Feel: Not a cumbersome lofty pad that can distort the feel of your mattress. It’s ultra thin and Comfortably Soft Cotton Terry Fabric
  • Your Best Mattress Defense: It waterproofs & stain proofs mattresses because nearly every mattress warranty is void if the mattress is stained or marked
  • Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Resistant: What does this mean for you? A Non-Allergenic cover such as this is extremely unlikely to be the cause of an allergic reaction, exposing you each night to a Healthier sleep environment so you can breathe a little easier.
  • Stays In Place Without Sliding Or Shifting: This pretty much speaks for itself if you have ever dealt with a protector that just wouldn’t stay put.
  • It’ll Fit: Built to work with super thick mattresses of all kinds and brands up to 18 Inches in profile thickness.
  • Stop The Sweat: If your old mattress pad or protector is the reason you sweat, throw it out and check out the coolest breathable fabric that provides season-to-season comfort.
  • Convert-A-Fit™: Convertible VersaFit™ Design Provides An Exquisite Fit On All Mattress Styles – High Profile, Waterbed, Conventional & More!
  • Available In: W.King/E.King, W.Queen/E.Queen, Full/S. Single & Twin/Twin-XL
  • Breathable patented new-age material: The key to a great nights sleep throughout the night

Cleaning and Care

  • Machine Wash warm and cool rinse
  • Tumble Dry at Low Temperatures only, but not by itself – or it can be line dried
  • For best results, clean at least once a month
  • Retains its shape wash after wash
  • Never Press Pad: No Ironing
  • Water temperature should be in accordance with the washing machine manufacturer’s instructions for no-iron fabrics
  • For best results, remove from dryer promptly upon completion of drying cycle and fold at once.
  • Ten Year Impenetrable Warranty: Protects you in case a defect would arise and extends to your mattress as well if purchased together. (See Warranty or Dealer for all the details)

We Make It in Your Bed Size:

The Unique building design allows one protector to fit 2 sizes as shown below.

Eastern King 76 x 80 an California King 72 x 84
Eastern Queen 60 x 84 and California Queen
Full 54 x 75 and Super Single 48 x 84
Twin 38 x 75 and Twin Extra Long 38 x 80

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