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Guard your waterbed against damage and make it feel incredible with a Geneva Plush Top Zippered Cover.
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You won’t believe how much an enclosed waterbed encasement can do for your old or new hardside waterbed. This kind of protection not only look great but it also adds an incredible feel to your existing water mattress. One the most practical functions is the zippered plush top which is removable for easy replacement if needed or changing out later down the line because your needs or tastes change and you can do this without down your water bed.. The Geneva plush top includes our very best safety liner for FREE with your encasement purchase. Customers love the lower electric bills which are a result the thick cushy insulated surface. It’s breathes throughout the night and enhances the overall feel of your old mattress. Make no mistake about it, this is not one of those cheapy fifty dollar polyester anchor band pads that slips off and sleeps hot. Your new waterbed pad encasement is standing defense force of protection that will add years of life to your waterbed mattress by keeping it clean and safe from common punctures, body oils, and pet claws.

Learn more about the Geneva Damask Quilted Pillow Top Zipper Cover below on this page or see all or our waterbed zippered covers and mattress protectors by Clicking Here.

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Geneva Damask Quilted Plush Top Zipper Cover

Model # FRHC9063NP

Product details and description

Our Geneva Damask Quilted Plush Top Zipper Cover Zipper hardside waterbed cover totally surrounds your existing vinyl water mattress. The thick quilted cover insulates your mattress by holding in the heat just like insulation does in a home attic for the highest energy efficiency possible. You simply place your FREE R5070 heavy duty 8 mil Stand-up Safety Liner inside the unzipped casing making sure the bottom corners of the liner and cover bottom fit into the corners of the wood frame. Smooth out the wrinkles on top of the heater and then position the drained mattress inside the zipper cover. add water no higher than the top of the liner.

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Geneva Damask Quilted Plush Top Zipper Cover Construction Features

  • Ticking- Belgium Damask for durability and comfort
  • Interchangeable modular top cover that is zippered and removable
  • Tack & jump quilting
  • Fire arrest fire retardant fiber fill barrier
  • 1 ½ inch x ½ inch convoluted super soft foam along with an additional  ½” super soft Foam

Geneva Damask Quilted Plush Top Zipper Cover Product Benefits

  • Zip on and off for easy removal, care, or replacement
    FREE Shipping
  • Made in the USA to assure consistent quality and availability
  • Every top quilted panel is made with a backing called Acord. It improves air circulation keeping you cooler throughout the night. The smooth back panel backing also gives
  • the cover rigidity for a better final fit and finish. Some covers use low cost vinyl backing that that not only doesn’t wear well over time but can contribute to mold and mildew in
  • the mattress cover
  • Dry clean only. Foam will break down if washed. Contact dealer or manufacturer for specific cleaning instructionsVery soft, luxurious and Breathable
    Quilted luxury top for comfort
  • Water bed heater does not turn on as often
  • Waterbed sheets tend to stay on better
  • Sterling Covers in each specific size has the exact same tooth count on the zipper. This is important if the cover were ever to become defective or need replacement.
  • Sterling covers allow you to replace the quilted top zipper panel without draining your waterbed. Most covers are either not removable or don’t utilize the uniform tooth count making draining and replacement of the entire cover necessary

Available Sizes For Wood Framed Waterbeds

California Queen 60 x 84

California King 72 x 84

Article- Installing a Sterling Hardside Cover Encasement on a Waterbed and How It Works

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