Harmony Luxury Softside Waterbed

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The Harmony Luxury Softside Waterbed is the water bed that looks like a traditional mattress set on the outside, but it is filled with water inside!


  • Up-to-date styling, appearance, and design.
  • Create the feel and support you want.
  • Temperature controlled.  Optional dual temp. control is available.
  • No waterbed sheets are needed.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Can be used with most existing bedroom sets and beds.

Customize your new Harmony Luxury Softside Waterbed below by choosing your options. 


Harmony Luxury Softside Waterbed


The Harmony Luxury Softside Waterbed from Innomax Manufacturing is a sleeper’s dream not just because of how great it feels, but also because of its low low price. This pillow-top bed includes a premium quality cover that can be completely removed for easy service and care. When zipped shut it comes standard with a free-flowing mattress (the original waterbed feel).


Do you prefer the bed to move less? You may want to consider adding more wave control with a baffled waveless mattress for just a little bit of added cost. This sleep system includes a temperature control system for healthier sleep and the ultimate in total and complete relaxation. 2nd heater and thermostat come with any dual mattress purchase.  This conventional-looking bed adapts to nearly any bed or headboard, headboard only, and works with your existing sheets, comforter, and mattress pad.


Note: Your current bed frame may need to be upgraded for added strength if it was not built to hold a waterbed. Individual parts can be replaced or upgraded with Innomax’s Eco-friendly mattress design prolonging overall waterbed life possibly 2-3 times the length of other beds.


Choose Your Harmony Luxury Softside Waterbed Size


Available Mattress Sizes


  • Twin: 38 inches Wide x 75 inches Long x Standard Euro Top Mattress Only = 10 inches thick
  • Full: 54 inches  Wide x 75 inches Long x Standard Euro Top Mattress Only = 10 inches thick
  • Queen: 60 inches Wide x 80 inches Long x Standard Euro Top Mattress Only = 10 inches thick
  • Eastern King: 76 inches  Wide x 80 inches Long x Standard Euro Top Mattress Only = 10 inches thick


Customize Your Harmony Luxury Softside Waterbed By Choosing From 3 Mattress Bladders


  • LS 700 1-2 Second Bladder
  • LS 1000 1 Second Firm Bladder
  • LS 1000 Dual Zero Second Firm Bladder (This Purchase Includes 2 Energy Efficient Low Watt Heaters and Controls).


  • Includes 1 Heater unless a Dual Firmness Mattress is Purchased
  • Safety Liner
  • Surrounding foam side and end rails

Choose An Optional Box Foundation


Available Foundation Sizes:

Twin: Includes one piece. 38 inches Wide x 75 Inches Long x 8 inches tall

Full: Includes one piece. 54 inches Wide x 75 Inches Long x 8 inches tall

Queen: Includes 2 pieces for added strength and mobility. Each 30 inches Wide x 80 inches Long x 8 inches tall

Eastern King: Includes two pieces for added strength and mobility. Each 38 inches Wide x 80 inches Long x 8 inches tall


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Deep Fill Waterbed Assembly Video Softside Fluid


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Product Features

Harmony Luxury Softside Waterbed Euro Top

  • Four Mattresses To Choose From: The Harmony Euro Top includes a free-flowing mattress/bladder, but when you choose one of the optional wave-controlled mattresses with the extra support you are reducing waviness and motion disturbance and increasing support for the entire body.
  • Heating System: Warm it up or turn it down to cool it down. Single bladder mattresses include one heater and dual bladders include two. Each heater offers solid-state energy efficiency along with an easy-to-read digital control.
  • Drain and Fill Kit With Conditioner: The parts you need to fill, drain, and treat the water inside your bed.
  • Beautiful, Stretch Knit, Euro Style Mid-Profile Pillow Top Featuring Feran Ice®: This incredibly soft, top cover material is breathable, zoned for proper body support, and features a Feran Ice® finish which is designed to create a cooler sleeping environment. The Feran Ice® finish adds a soft, hydrophilic moisture absorbing layer to the fabric which increases the evaporative performance and also cools down your body. The Feran Ice® properties will last as long as your mattress does!
  • Pillow Flex® (New age material): Contouring plush feel of fiber while resisting the body impressions associated with fiber.
  • Compression Flex™ Mid Zone: Provides premium body fit & support alignment for maximum pressure relief and comfort.
    Advanced Smart Pillow Top: Easily Accessible, Removable, Refluffable & Refreshable.
  • Super Soft Contouring Comfort Layer: Contours to the body for even weight distribution to eliminate pressure points
  • Specially Formulated Comfort Layer: For added full body contouring and progressive head-to-toe support
  • Exclusive Moisture Barrier Backing: Protects internal components for long trouble free life & a healthier sleep environment.
  • 5-Zone Anatomic 1” Support Layer: Manufactured with extra-thick, high-density polyurethane. Formed with a unique combination of 5 distinctive zones to reduce stress on the pressure points and provide customized support for your entire body.
  • Water Support: Waterbeds contour to the shape of the person, allowing the body weight to be evenly distributed for minimum contact pressure. With proper fill, you can customize the correct support to fit your personal preference, from extra firm to feather soft – so that you’re waking up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and energized!
  • Memory Weave Wrapped Power Edge Support: Edge support offers comfort & support whether sitting on the side or lying on the mattress. The Memory Weave provides our Power Edge with a “no bow” design increasing the durability and longevity by not allowing oxidation of the foam.
  • Shimmering Grey/Black Slate Side Panels: Beautifully quilted and finely tailored with contrasting basalt grey threading and accent faux straps – offers classic style and traditional looks with a very modern feel.
  • Easy to get into and easy to get out of.
  • Making up a soft side waterbed is stress-free and easy.
  • Six-inch depth for great waterbed support and feel
  • Detachable Zipper Top Cover: The sleeping surface can be removed for spot cleaning and easy waterbed assembly
  • Vertical Wall Construction: Foam side and end walls form a larger sleeping surface. Straight side walls resist water
    the pressure which reduces bowing and warping over time
  • Small modifications can be made for each sleeper if the dual bladder option is purchased
  • Up to three times more life compared to other beds
  • Swap out bad or aged parts rather than purchasing a whole new bed
  • More hygienic when compared to other mattresses
  • Proper cleaning and easy moving because the Harmony Softside comes apart easily
  • Any and every Innomax Soft side waterbed part is substitutable and can be bought separately making modification of mattress firmness and support possible at anytime
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable because of modular construction
  • Save money by renewing, reusing, and reducing solid waste
  • Vinyl color may change without notice, but will not affect the feel or support
  • Warranty-25 year limited

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