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Click on a replacement waterbed mattress below for prices & details. These replacement waterbed mattresses offer the feel that have revolutionized the mattress industry. Pick and choose which mattress has the wave control you desire. These mattresses are offered in several sizes to fit your waterbed frame.

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Free Flow Mattress


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The Sanctuary SGL Flow Free Flow water mattress offers the feel that revolutionized the mattress industry. This flowing mattress is distributed by Innomax out of Denver Colorado. It has a unique design that allows the water to move freely and unrestrained by baffles or fiber for a more natural fluid feel. It is offered in 3 sizes to fit the hard side wooden side frame waterbeds.

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Genesis 900 DXF Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress


The Genesis 900 DXF is our very best flotation support system. The wave motion rating for this top of the line  mattress is measured to be 0 seconds of movement. This means is stops moving instantly and offers the most support of any water mattress in our line up.  We consider this mattress to be our firmest especially when compared to any other waterbed mattress. The Genesis 900 DXF is considered a 100% Ultra waveless mattress with extra support where we need it most… Our Middle Body!
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Luxury Support LS 2300

Luxury Support Reduced Motion Hardside Waterbed Mattress


Whether you’re buying a new mattress for your old bed or adding one to new complete hardside waterbeds this model is definitely not your dad’s old free flow water mattress. Unfortunately, some people confuse it with one only because they see a little motion when they push on it. Take a closer look and compare it side by side to other semi-waveless and even some waveless mattresses and your new sleep system won’t move as much will offer significantly more total and mid-body support. The Luxury Support 2300’s wave movement stops in just under 8 seconds which is significantly faster than its free flowing counterpart. Any one that has ever slept on a free flow can tell you this feels great and feels like it is several steps above cheap knock offs. Unmatched comfort, support, and feel at a price that is very affordable. Make this sleep system your nightly sanctuary and you will see and feel the difference. This is no old school wavy bag of water free flowing sea sick mattress, but not so controlled that you forget you own a waterbed.

Luxury Support Super Reduced Wave Control Waterbed Mattress


Whether you are looking to replace and existing mattress or upgrade your current bed the Luxury Support 7300 fluid support system is the perfect choice. It’s an alternative to expensive top of the line water mattresses because it still includes maximum support, nightlong comfort, and a cost. This Super Wave Reduced offering still feels like a waterbed without being hard as some comparable models and Ultra Waveless choices found in stores and on the Internet. The wave motion rating for this customer favorite is measured to be about 1 perhaps 2 seconds at the most of wave movement. This means is stops moving almost instantly after you or your partner reposition without that obnoxious ocean feeling. This is one step down from our top of the line and has all the same features without feeling too hard and too firm.

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Luxury Support LS-5300

Luxury Support Wave Reduced Hardside Waterbed Mattress


We gave it push with our hands, we rolled over on it and then stopped and timed the motion of the Innomax Luxury Support LS 5300 Comfort System and it stops fast. Way faster than a free flow or semi waveless model. The good news is that it is not so firm that you forget you’re sleeping on water. It stops the motion of the water in approximately four seconds before it settles down.  Our Luxury Support 5300 is a popular choice for those that really like the feel of water and won’t be bothered with just a little bit of movement. It falls into the class of mattresses labeled waveless and it is as wave controlled as some lower end super waveless competitors. 85% of the motion is deadened so you will find that when compared to other models, it really falls right in the middle range for overall support, comfort, and price among all or replacement water mattress offerings.

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