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Top Ten Benefits of a Tube Softside Waterbed

1. Tube or Cylinder beds look and make like a regular mattress and box spring.

This might seem obvious but people choose tube soft side water beds because they use sheets and bedding found at any store in all the familiar sizes. They even adapt to conventional beds but do not look like a 1970’s water bed

2. Softside Tube Waterbeds weight less

A big complaint of flotation beds is the waterbed weight, which can go as high as 2000lbs in a King size Hardside Waterbed. However a king size tube bed can weigh in at only about 700-800lbs. Most are in the 4” depth range where as a deep fill soft side can range from 6”-13” with 7”- 8” being the most common cavity depth.

3. Moving a Tube Waterbed is much easier than traditional waterbeds.

With 10 tubes in a king and 8 in a queen, the individual tubes weighing 60-80lbs can be removed from the bed without being drained and moved as individual pieces.

4. Easy to assemble.

You just put the foundation and the shell of the softside tube bed on a proper bed frame and lay the individual tubes in it. If the bed is not quite where you want it just remove the tubes and slide the bed to where you want it and place the tubes back into it with no draining or filling it.

5. Filling tubes does require running a garden hose through the house.

You can fill your tube in another location such as a bathroom or outside so you don’t have to worry about spilling water in the bedroom.

6. Delivering the bed with the tubes already filled.

This makes for a quick delivery and no worrying about a water source in the customers’ home.

7. You can adjust mattress firmness.

Varying the amount of water put in the tubes can change the feel of the mattress or firmness from side to side. Baffled tubes can be purchased that can stop the motion and make the bed much firmer.

8. Determining which tube has a leak is easy and replacing it is even easier.

Usually if a tube has been leaking one of them will have less water than the others. Simply repair or replace the bad tube. 1 Free flow tube costs $20-$30 and baffled tube can cost up to $40. Replacement waterbed bladders for a deep filled bed can cost hundreds of dollars.

9. Does not require a waterbed heater.

An extra thick cover is used to insulate them. If a heater is used it must be a low watt heater made specifically for a shallow fill or tube bed.

10. Tube waterbed cost less.

This is not always the case but tube beds generally speaking usually offer a firmer feel for less money than a deep fill baffled mattress.