Finding Leak Underneath A Water Bed Mattress. How To Get Rid Of Air Bubbles In My Water Bed Mattress.

How To Get Rid Of Air Bubbles In My Water Bed Mattress

June 4, 2012
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Having started in waterbeds over 26 years ago it’s a question we are often asked. People also want to know “How do you know when to burp your waterbed?” We tell them “Don’t worry the waterbed will tell you itself when it needs to be.” When it needs this easy-to-do service, the mattress will make a lot of unnecessary noise caused by collected air bubbles or pockets of air.  These large pockets of collected air are not only noisy but make the water mattress very uncomfortable to sleep on. Let’s continue to talk about how to get rid of air bubbles in water bed mattresses.

A mattress that has all of the air bubbles removed will be quiet and comfortable because of it. The air pocket or ballooning effect as we like to call it is especially obvious with 2 people lying down on the bed. Another possible reason for having the mattress balloon up would be is if the mattress is overfilled. Overfilling your waterbed will also make it much harder to burp and extract air. Many people think that if their mattress is not transparent they cannot tell if it needs to be burped but you will see blisters or bulges on the top of your mattress when it should be flat.

Where Does The Air In A Water Bed Come From?

How often you burp your waterbed will depend on how much air is in the water you filled it with. If the water company has aerated your water it will require more burping. Some air is flushed into the mattress by way of the garden hose in the filling process. Do people often ask why after they get rid of all the air in the mattress the bubbles just seem to come back year after year? We remind them that water is part oxygen and some of that oxygen will collect and form small bubbles. These smaller bubbles collect into larger pockets that then need to be expelled out of your mattress. This is done by something we call in the industry “burping”.

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Best Way To Remove The Air From A Water Mattress

To burp our beds in the store or after an install we remove the cap and plug that enclose the mattress after pulling up the valve to the up position. We then lie across the bed at the headboard end and slowly roll to the foot end where the valve is. If you have a helper ask them to lift the valve up several inches away from the water so that the water will not spill over or spit out of the valve as you herd the air bubbles towards the valve. You can also use a broom handle or something similar such as a yardstick, to herd the bubbles to the valve.

Just make sure there are no sharp points on whatever you use. If you have a tube bed lift up the end of each tube one at a time, take the cap off the tube and run your hand the length of the tube herding the air out of the open valve and then recap it. You can repeat this process for each tube. Keep a towel handy for any expelled water or spillage.

There are products made to emulsify the air bubbles but we have found that they foam and can be messy when trying to drain the beds so we do not recommend them.

Reminder: keeping the air out of your waterbed is a major factor in its’ comfort, so keep it burped. Hope we have answered the question of How To Get Rid Of Air Bubbles In My Water Bed Mattress? Have some tips you would like to share be sure to comment and share them with our readers.

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