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How to Assemble Your New Somma and Land and Sky Starline Tube or Cylinder Soft Side Waterbed

August 7, 2008
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Already know how put together a tube type waterbed? Go straight to Filling Instructions for the Somma and Starline Tubes Fill

What you will need:

  • Box pedestal riser, heavy-duty steel waterbed frame with proper support, or a drawer pedestal.
  • Shallow Fill Flotation Bed Components:
  • Your flotation bed contains these components:
  • Foundation / Base
  • Quilted zipper shell
  • 2 foam rail pairs (1 set of side rails, 1 set of head and foot rails)
  • Tubes / flotation cylinders
  • Waterbed conditioner or treatment
  • Safety liner
  • Garden Hose / Water supply

Set-up Instructions:

  1. Remove the bed’s foundation from the box and place it on whichever supporting base you choose. The supporting base frame or pedestal must be centered underneath the bed’s foundation.
  2. Next place it in a position from the wall that includes the measurement for a flat headboard or bookcase headboard to be installed. Make sure that the foundation extends equally over all four sides of the riser or is squarely on the drawer or box pedestal riser.NOTE: Please Double Check Now.
  3. Remove the quilted zipper shell from its box and place the quilted zipper shell on the top of the foundation. To properly align the top cover, match the bottom corners of the top cover to the upper corners of foundation. Make sure to place the end of the cover with the law tags at the head end of the bed.
  4. Completely unzip the quilted zipper cover (top panel) and set it aside out your way leaving the bottom panel lying upon the foundation. Pull the sides of the bottom panel over the foundation essentially turning it inside out over the foundation sides.
  5. Unroll each pair of softside foam rails. Pace the pair of side rails (long rails) along the side of the bed, making sure the connecting material is smooth and flat. Then place the shorter foam rails at the head and foot end of the bed, again smoothing the connecting material until it is flat.
  6. Make sure that the mitered corner of the foam sides and ends are snug and tight. Double check that the foam rails and quilted zipper shell are square on the foundation.
  7. Install the safety liner into the foam lined tray and pull it over the foam side and end rails like a fitted sheet so that they are completely covered.
  8. The sides of the quilted zipper shell can now be pulled up to cover the sides of the foam side and end rails.

How to correctly fill the Somma and Starline Tube / Cylinder  softside waterbed