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How to Fill the Somma and Starline Tube / Cylinder Softside Waterbeds

Where to find Replacement Somma and Land Tubes and Cylinders

Filling Free Flow Tubes or Cylinders:

  1. Remove the pull caps and insert plug from the tube.
  2. Fill each cylinder with warm or tepid water at a sink or bathtub.
  3. Fill the Somma tube to the fill line noted on the cylinder that best suits your personal comfort requirements. We suggest you use less water and add more to discover you optimum comfort level.NOTE DO NOT OVERFILL CYLINDERS OR TUBES
  4. After filling cylinders, be sure to wipe excess water off outside of cylinders.
  5. Slowly lay cylinders down flat to force air out of them. This is called burping the air out.
  6. Replace insert plug into the tube valve stem. Screw cap on evenly and tightly. Do not cross thread, then press down and invert the valve like a beach ball.
  7. Next, place one cylinder lengthwise so it is running head to foot inside the foam safety lined tray. Lay it in the center of the tray.  Each subsequent tube should then be installed working your way toward the foam side rails. Make sure cylinders are snug, but do not overlap each other.NOTE VALVES SHOULD BE AT THE FOOT END OF BED
  8. To prevent possible condensation, let the water in the cylinders reach room temperature before covering the tubes with the quilted zipper or shell top.
  9. If you purchased the optional removable pillow top duvet, now you would place it on top of the completed mattress, attaching it to the mattress with the provided straps.

Filling Baffled or Foam Filled Tubes and Cylinders:

  • You must be careful not to allow the insert to slide to one end!
  • While filling tube hold insert firmly so it cannot shift.
  • Fill each cylinder with warm or tepid water preferably in a bathtub or in foam safety lined tray where the tubes can be filled laying flat.
  • If installing foam filled cylinders, carefully walk on cylinders with stocking feet to expel air from foam. Then remove cap and plug and repeat Steps 5 & 6.
  • Again while transporting tube from the tub to the bed, hold insert firmly so it cannot shift out of place.

Care and Maintenance Instructions

  • You can be assured of years of comfort and performance if you follow these simple suggestions.
  • Use a mattress pad to protect the mattress and the duvet
  • Always use proper supporting foundation under the mattress. For other applications such as platform beds etc. contact your local waterbed dealer.
  • Add recommended dosage of waterbed conditioner or tablets.
  • Be sure to burp or bleed your tubes to reduce noise and increase waterbed comfort.
  • Keep bed clean and free of dirt.

These are general fill instructions. If you have never filled a tube waterbed please contact your local dealer for more helpful hints or follow the installation instructions supplied with or on your tubes.