The Top 5 Strangest Places People Have Tried To Catch Some Sleep

The Top 5 Strange Places To Sleep

February 27, 2018
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Today we are going to talk about the top 5 strange places to sleep. Falling asleep. Everyone does it. But some people actually try to sleep in places that stretch beyond the comfort of their bed or even on the family room couch.

Below Are The 5 Strangest Places That People Have Tried To Catch A Few Sleep, Whether They Succeeded Or Not

1 – Baby’s Crib

All new parents have considered this, even if they haven’t tried it. You’ve been told over and over again that if you don’t get the baby used to sleeping in her own bed when she’s an infant, you’ll never succeed. So you rock her to sleep and then ever-so-gently try to lie her down in that crib that took hours to assemble. But before your hand has even left her skin, she’s wide awake and screaming to be picked up again.

Many parents try tricks like “pre-heating” the crib with a warmed blanket or simulating a parent’s hand using a glove stuffed with beads. But some parents go to the extreme by climbing right into the crib with their little bundle of joy. Sure, it’s easier to remove the baby from the crib than to join her, but some new parents are so sleep-deprived that curling up on a teeny, caged mattress sounds relaxing.

2 – Park Or City Benches

Movies often depict the homeless sleeping on park benches. You are familiar with the scene: a man dressed in ragged clothes curls up on a wooden bench and snoozes with a newspaper over his face. But who really tries to sleep on a surface that most find uncomfortable to sit upon?

Man sleeping on park bench with bag. Strange places to sleep.

Apparently, there is quite a number of people who try to get a quick nap under the blue skies with the warm sunlight as their only blanket. You might want to forgo the ragged clothing and newspaper if this is you.

3 – Public Transportation

Subways, trains, and buses, oh my! What better time to catch up on your sleep than while traveling? While this is definitely one of the more comfortable and obvious options on our list, it definitely isn’t one of the safest. Not only is there a chance that someone might steal your briefcase, there’s also a chance that you might be the next meme. Which is worse?

4 – Waiting Rooms

Whether it’s your overbooked personal physician or the emergency room during flu season, some people find this the perfect time to catch up on their sleep. This is especially true if you’re feeling run down and sitting in a toasty warm appointment room on a particularly chilly day. Just be sure you’re prepared to wake up when they call your name.

5 – At Work

You get up and get the kids ready and then head off to work, where you run non-stop in meetings and with projects. Sometimes, it all catches up with you, particularly right after lunch. You just can’t stop yawning. It won’t hurt if you just shut your eyes for a minute, would it? Some employers encourage an afternoon nap, but if yours doesn’t, you’d best save your sleep for somewhere else.

While variety is considered the spice of life, perhaps this shouldn’t apply to where you rest your head. To make the most of your downtime, you should rest in the comfort of your bed – even for an afternoon nap.

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