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August 23, 2010
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Pure Latex Bliss is a Different Kind of Mattress.

What do you know about Talalay Latex Rubber and Dunlop Rubber?

a. There are two typed of latex used in bedding, Talalay & Dunlop
b. All latex is not created equal

Pure Latex BLISS™Uses Talalay all natural rubber in their mattresses which have No cushioning materials like

  • Foam
  • Fiber
  • Quilt

This equals long term durability and virtually no body impressions.

No Foam

Polyurethane foams, including visco, are made entirely of petroleum products and are essentially plastic.  The cell structure of foam is not elastic like latex and breaks down with use creating sags in the mattress.

No Fiber

Fiber which is used by manufacturers is comprised mostly of air, it is used to create a soft feel but its’ life is limited.  During use it flattens out and this is the primary cause of body impressions.

No Quilt

Quilting reduces the ability for the cover to stretch.  Stretch in the cover material is essential for allowing the layers below to accommodate body contours to the maximum extent for mattress contouring and leading to better support, pressure relief and comfort.

What Does Comfort REALLY mean to you? How do WE define it?

  • Bottomless Pressure Relief
  • Uplifting Support
  • Which = two dimensional rather than one dimensional (like all others)

Bottomless is the experience of NOT feeling the THUD of your body hitting the next layer of material below.

Bottomless reduces pressure, which reduces tossing, and turning.

Uplifting is the feeling you experience as your body nestles into the latex, it’s kind of like floating or a feeling of buoyancy.  “Uplifting” promotes proper posture and body alignment.”

Take Pure Latex BLISS™ Bench Test

  1. Sit on naked bench
    No pressure relief.
  2. Sit on a poly cushion
    The equivalent polyurethane foam material found in most mattresses = very little pressure relief.
  3. Sit on visco/memory foam cushion
    You will notice that you still bottom out, only slower.
  4. Sit on latex rubber cushion
    You will notice right away that you don’t bottom out and that it offers a floating feeling.  This sensation is bottomless pressure relief & uplifting support, which only occurs from Talalay latex rubber.

This noticeable difference of floating or buoyancy is actually Bottomless & Uplifting, for most people it is the true interpretation of COMFORT.