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Baby Crib Conversion Kit Bed Rails Now Available!

May 10, 2015
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There are many different kinds of cribs on the market and as time goes by know that there are cribs built specifically to grow with your little one. A crib that can meet all the needs of your child’s stages of life: baby, infancy through childhood, is going to save you hundreds and possibly thousands. Most modern cribs are specially designed with a big surprise, you can buy it and know when the time comes the baby bed can be converted into a youth bed, and somewhere down the line convert it into twin or full big kid bed. The only thing you need to purchase is an inexpensive conversion kit to get the job done.

A lot of our customers have been searching high and low looking for their rails to convert their crib into a full size bed. As many of you have probably just recently found out, a lot of these cribs conversion companies have went out of business. Below are step by step directions to figure out and help determine if our rails will fit your conversion crib.

Popular Brand Name Crib Baby Italia Conversion Kits

While in most cases we recommend contacting the original retailer that sold you the baby bed that is not always possible. At STL Beds, we have been contacted numerous times about retailers that have gone belly up, brand name crib manufacturers that have gone out of business, and specific crib models that have been discontinued and are no longer being made.

Full Size Wooden Bed Rail Conversions for Cribs

While STL Beds does not sell wooden replacements, we do offer an inexpensive solution for those who didn’t buy a conversion kit originally or no longer can purchase a kit for one reason or the other.

The solution is steel replacement rails. These fit nearly all cribs including 4 in 1 and 3 in 1 cribs. Our rails are offered in 2 connection types, bolt up or hook in. In addition, our supplier manufactures several varying rail styles, some with connecting wire and other choices that include steel center support cross bars with strong supporting feet in the middle for active children and even adult usage.

Assembling Conversion Replacement Rails

Knowing how they assemble is a key to understanding how they work. First step is that you need to attach the headboard to the footboard on the left side using one of our steel replacement hook in or bolt up style side rails. Then attach the right side replacement side rail at the headboard end only. At this point either attach the connecting wire or center support bar with feet depending on which frame you decide to purchase. Lastly, insert the final down hook at the foot end on the right side or bolt it into place. (See manufacturer’s assembly instructions for complete assembly details).

Some crib models we have been able to help people find conversion rails for are as follows:

  • 4791 Emily Crib Bed DaVinci’s Emily Crib
  • Charleston (M2601)
  • Parker (K5101)
  • Reagan (M2801)
  • Thompson Crib (M3201)
  • Babi Italia Middleton crib
  • Europa Baby Cherry convertible crib

How to Convert Your Crib

A lot of our customers have been searching for rails to convert their crib into a full size bed. As you have probably just recently found out, a lot of these cribs conversion companies have gone out of business.

However, it’s possible that we can help.

Below are step by step directions to figure out and help determine if our rails will fit your conversion crib. PLEASE REVIEW THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA BEFORE CALLING US.

Step 1: Determine if your crib has a BOLT UP or HOOK IN Connection.

A Bolt Up connection has holes in your headboard and footboard while a hook in will have vertical slots that with steel pins inside the vertical slots.

For Bolt-up Connections:

  1. Check your headboard and footboard and make sure that you do have bolt holes in both. The holes may go all the way through or be threaded inside the hole. You then fasten the frame to the headboard using your existing bolts.
  2. Check out the bolt up mounting template. This is a copy of the end of our steel frame. Please match that up to your headboard and footboard to assure that your bolt holes will align with the mounting plates located on the ends of our steel bed frame. Download the template here
    • If they do, then our product will work.
    • If not, then you can drill new holes into the headboard and footboard. These holes would be visible at the foot end of the bed.
  3. Order this product:
  4. This product does include a connecting wire to prevent the rails from spreading.

For Hook-In Connections

  1. Check the STL Bed’s hook in template here
  2. It is extremely important to print this out at 100%, paste it on some thin cardboard or the back of a notebook and hook this into the vertical slots of your headboard. This replicates hooking in the bed frame you are considering. Doing so will ensure that our down hooks will indeed fit your bed and fully and safely engage into the slots.  PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE ORDERING. We can’t stress this enough. Please actually print it out and try it. Any issues we have had concerning fit have been related to customers not completing this step. Because the down hooks look the same does NOT mean that it will work.
  3. If it works, order this product:

Other Things to Consider

If you already have a full size mattress and boxspring or you will be purchasing a new one, set thickness varies greatly. While some refer to it as normal or traditional bed height there is no such thing anymore. Today’s thicker mattress sets can be a challenge for little ones who are too short. Mattress sets and beds that are too high create a dangerous challenge that will have your little one forced to climb up into bed or worse yet falling out of a bed that is much too tall for them. Low profile box springs often lower a mattress set as much as 5 inches, a relatively inexpensive solution costs between 100.00 and 200.00 in full size. These lower bed bases position the mattress closer to the floor in case of a fall. Consider safety rails in addition to lowering the child’s mattress.
Rarely does the actual style or brand of crib matter. Of course color, wood types are descriptions and have no bearing on how replacement rails and conversion steel rails fit the bed. These items are nearly always purchased separately to complete the baby crib conversion into a traditional bed.

Additional Information:

Once your newly assembled bed has been converted from a baby crib, you need to consider weight limit. While not required by many manufacturers, we really feel the need to add steel center supports. Models like our F71001 and DRTF3 include super strong bracing to span the width and add 2 legs with adjustable feet to fit a wider range of bed heights. This added support significantly reduces the possibility of 2 common problems when center supports are not used; cracked side frames and tearing out connecting pins within the hook connection slots in headboards and foot boards.

What to consider (and ask) before purchasing replacement wood side rails or “conversions kits”

  • Will they work?
  • Will the color match the bed?
  • Will you still need to purchase center supports?
  • Will I need to purchase a low profile box spring instead of a standard height boxspring/ foundation?

If you’re unsure, feel free to give us a call at 636-296-8540 and we’ll help you get the right item!