Convert A Crib Into Full Size Bed

Convert A Crib Into Full Size Bed

September 21, 2012
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If you are a parent that purchased a bed that will grow with their child throughout the years chances are you purchased a convertible crib. Great news changing it into a regular big boy or big girl bed is easy and its cheap. The most important thing you must determine before assembling this larger bed is to start by reading your crib directions. If you no longer have the instructions you can contact a store that specializes in these types of bed frames. You will need to purchase metal side rails that will convert a crib into a full size bed.

Metal Side Rails That Will Convert A Crib Into A Full Size Bed

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The sides of the crib will need to be removed and the new steel side rails will connect the back of the crib to the front of the crib turning them into a headboard and foot board for your full size bed. This will create distance between the headboard and foot board by spreading them apart to approximately 77 inches while supporting your 54 inch wide full size mattress and boxspring. You should find that you have one of 2 connection types on the lower part of legs of your convertible crib. The ends will use either a hook in or bolt up connection. If it is a Hook in type you will notice a vertical slot and pins in the head and foot where the down hook rails can slide into place. Bolt up side rails will have holes in their mounting plates that line up with predrilled holes located in the legs of the headboard and footboard of your former crib front and back.

Most side rails designed today are slattless and will allow for better weight distribution of your boxspring foundation. There is typically a connecting wire that spans the width between the 2 side rails that keeps them from spreading. Stronger versions will offer a center support bar that includes feet adding strength and years of life to your converted full size bed and frame.