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How Has Shopping For A Mattress Changed?

August 9, 2011
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Q. What should people do to prepare for buying a new mattress and how has shopping for a mattress changed?

A. Before you start mattress shopping determine your needs first.

How Has Shopping For A Mattress Changed? Change By Busy-Pochi

Think about your lifestyle. Why it’s true we all have a routine we don’t have to continue sleeping on an uncomfortable, nonsupportive, possibly even unhealthy mattress. Unfortunately change is tough and many of us just simply settle for that old mattress not realizing the affects it can have on your daily life.

While lack of support can be  painful or even worse aggravating ongoing issues for people with bad backs, soreness, painful muscle pressure. We now know more than ever that getting a good night of healthy sleep has a direct impact on our daily way of life.

What kinds of changes have taken place since the last time you bought a mattress and how might that affect your purchase?

The truth is changes in the bedding industry come almost daily and if you haven’t bought a bed in recent years here’s a few of the things you can expect and should be prepared to research.

  • Mattress durability– Due to less steel springs and more foam padding mattresses don’t last as long
  • Mattress Selection– There are many many kinds of different mattresses to choose from each can feel very unique, wear very differently, and vary dramatically in cost. Some of those bed types to consider include memory foam, latex, air, waterbeds, mattresses and boxsprings, gel, and hybrids of the previously mentioned.
  • Has your body changed and how might that affect what you buy today and will like tomorrow. Time changes us all and what we liked at age 18 we probably won’t like at 38 or 58. Beds that offer versatility such as air beds, bed kits, softsides, and replaceable layers offer such convenience are a great solution. Again consider your specific support comfort preferences. A great way to do this is to visit showrooms and test rest beds.
  • Do you sleep with another person? Consider the space needs that will be required if you have a partner with you. Our suggestion is if you do to make sure you shop for a mattress with them test resting the bed together for adequate sleeping space. Take your time a mattress is a big purchase it is important to select a bed that meet both your comfort preferences and support needs.

Will the bed fit?

Houses and bedroom have been getting bigger for years and people are buying more stuff to fit in those bedrooms. There is a down side to these bigger sleeping spaces often times people have visions of grandeur and decide to increase the size of their bed without measuring first.  Having already filled the room with more furniture we need to measure our space allowing enough room to open doors, drawers, and move around the room freely.

Consider mattress thickness

Mattress thickness is one of the most shocking and underestimated parts of a new mattress purchase. Mattresses’ thickness can range up to 20 inches thick hiding headboards, and making old sheet sets virtually obsolete. This can be a costly mistake if you hadn’t counted on purchasing all new bedding such as sheets, mattress pads and protectors, even a taller headboard.  What is the Normal Thickness for a Mattress and Boxspring?

Mattress thickness translates into taller beds

Be prepared to climb in or out of the bed. Lower profile frames and low profile boxsprings can have you sitting on the edge of the bed with your feet touching the floor while making the process of getting in and out the mattress a better experience.  How To Lower a Tall Mattress and Boxspring

Tell us about the things that have changed since the last time you bought a new mattress.