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What Is The Normal Thickness of a Mattress & Boxspring?

December 14, 2008
In the Bedroom

If you wanted to know exactly what the thickness is for a coil spring mattress, I am afraid your are going to get a unclear answer. We are going to give you some idea of thickness you can anticipate when buying a new mattress.

Common Mattress Sizes & Thickness Measurements

Twin: Twin mattress thickness often ranges anywhere from 5 inches to over 20 inches thick
Full: Full mattress thickness can vary between 5 inches to over 20 inches in thickness
Queen: Mattress thickness can go anywhere from 5 inches to over 20 inches thick
King: Mattress thickness is often between 5 inches to over 20 inches thick

As you can see, there is a wide variety of mattress heights. The reason that mattress thickness varies from brand to brand and mattress model to mattress model is primarily do to support levels, quality, and comfort. Mattress manufacturers look to hit popular consumer price points and comfort levels. This is America and in America, free market businesses are going to be competitive and offer lots of choices.

Mattress models ranging in thickness from 10 to 14 inches thick are the most acceptable to mattress buyers. As shown above traditional coil spring mattresses can range from about 5 inches to well over 20 inches in thickness. Yes, I said 20 inches. However do not fear, bedding manufacturers looking to make a buck are on the ball and are making special sheets, mattress pads, and bed spreads to fit these new thick mattresses. If you have problems finding the correct mattress thickness be sure to contact a mattress store.