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How To Lower A Tall Mattress & Boxspring

December 12, 2008
In the Bedroom

Mattress shoppers often complain that today’s beds are way too tall, it is a problem all across the country. So what can you do to lower a mattress and boxspring that is sitting so far off the floor? Lower it of course. Today we are going to share a couple of tips on How To Lower A Tall Mattress & Boxspring enough that your feet won’t dangle or you don’t have to climb up a ladder to get into bed?

Straight Forward Solutions For Lowering Your Bed Height

  • Change out your regular steel bed frame for a Low Profile Steel Bed Frame. (The least expensive solution).
  • Use a low-profile boxspring.
  • Buy thinner mattress. (Not the best solution, especially when figuring in the cost of replacement).

How To Lower A Tall Mattress & Boxspring

If you are using an old-time bed that will not accommodate today’s thicker mattress sets, a combination of the low profile steel bed frame, low profile boxspring and a thinner mattress may be your only solution. This combination could lower the mattress set by 9 inches putting the bed at a more reasonable height off of the floor.

With today’s thicker beds your mattress set could be sitting 27,30, or even 34 inches or more off the floor you are probably wondering what you can do with such ridiculously tall beds.

Another Quick And Easy Fix

Another quick and easy fix is a low profile boxspring, which is available in heights ranging from 4inches to 6 inches; whereas traditional boxsprings usually measure 7 inches to 9 inches.

One more option is a steel bed frame, which can be purchased in low-profile versions that hook in or bolt up and is almost always the cheapest and most simple way to lower your existing bed. The height of your bed with this type of bed frame drops both the mattress and boxspring about 3 to 4 inches depending on the steel bed frame manufacturer.

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One last solution is to buy a thinner mattress. You can find thinner mattress models ranging in thickness between 7 to 12 inches. However be careful when purchasing thinner mattresses, although they are often cheaper, they are usually less padded, less comfortable, and less durable. This is a very bad combination for a mattress that will be used every day.

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