What's Your Match? A Guide To The Different Mattresses On The Market

What’s Your Match? A Guide To The Different Mattresses On The Market

August 14, 2020
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New mattress causing back pain? It’s not too late to do some research and look at all of the options on the market for mattress types. Find your perfect match!

Has your back been feeling sore and achy? There are numerous reasons people experience back pain. They include bad posture, arthritis, or spine and disc problems to name a few.

If your back’s been hurting lately and you typically don’t suffer from back pain, the problem can be the mattress you sleep on. So you need to ask yourself this question: Is my new mattress causing back pain?

When you think about it, most of us spend one-third of our lives sleeping in bed. That’s eight hours a day or so sleeping on a mattress. If your mattress doesn’t provide good support, it can take a toll on your back.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how mattresses can affect your back and what makes a good mattress. Let’s learn more about mattresses.

Is Your New Mattress Causing Back Pain?

Is Your New Mattress Causing Back Pain

There could be a number of causes for back pain as you’ll discover in this article. However, the mattress you sleep on can affect your back and how it feels when you wake in the morning.

It’s important to find out if your mattress is the culprit. Is your mattress the source for your back pain? Let’s take a look at the signs that tell you your mattress is to blame.

Signs Your New Mattress Isn’t Good for Your Back

You may love the new bed you just purchased but does it love your back? If you wake up in the morning with back pain, that’s a sign your mattress may be the cause of your aches and pains.

Here are some signs your new mattress isn’t good for your back:

  • You wake up often in the course of the night and you don’t know why.
  • You toss and turn while you’re sleeping.
  • Your mattress doesn’t feel like it hugs your body properly.
  • You feel pressure on your lower or upper back when you adjust your position.
  • Your back pain gets better after you’re awake for an hour.

These are some of the symptoms that your mattress isn’t good for your back. Now let’s take a look at what makes a good mattress.

What Makes A Good Mattress?

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If your bed is the reason for your back pain, it should be easy to figure out. Your back may not be a critical problem that will require years of physical therapy and surgeries if you take care of the problem right away.

Do you sleep on a soft mattress? A soft mattress may feel comfortable, especially a pillow top mattress. Sinking into one may feel dreamy at first. Studies show that medium to firm mattresses provide better support than softer mattresses.

Of course, mattresses are different based on the support they provide. There’s isn’t one brand or type of mattress that’s best. The ideal mattress for you also depends on your body type. One mattress can be perfect for your spouse but not for you.

Yes, your ideal mattress is based on your personal body type. But there are factors that make your mattress healthy or unhealthy for your body.

Finding A Good Balance When Shopping For A New Mattress

Don’t get a mattress that’s too soft. It won’t support your pressure points and creates a curvature of the spine. While it may feel comfy, it’s not good for your back and spine, or your neck for that matter.

A good mattress is so important for alleviating or preventing back pain or back problems. For example, an overly hard or firm mattress can put too much pressure on the areas where you feel discomfort, while a super-soft mattress won’t give you the support you need and may sag in the middle, causing your spine to become accustomed to unhealthy positions. Just like sitting in an ergonomic recliner will help back pain sufferers over flopping into a couch, purchasing the right mattress will support you properly and help with all aches and pains, rather than making them worse.

Your mattress also shouldn’t be too firm. A mattress that’s too firm for your body will push hard on the pressure points and create a curvature of the spine.

For good support, the mattress needs to support your whole body. Not just a portion of one body part. This will encourage the correct alignment of your spine. 

Not too soft, not too hard. Just right. Sound familiar? Your mattress can lead to back discomfort and chronic problems if it doesn’t fit into the “Goldilocks Zone.” If your mattress isn’t hitting the Goldilocks Zone, you might want to consider getting a new mattress. It could save you the agony of developing chronic back pain.

It could also save you the expense that comes along with back pain. This includes paying for physical therapy and chiropractic treatments.

Different Types Of Mattresses

There are three main types of mattresses you can buy. Let’s compare them.

Originally developed by NASA, memory foam kept the crew cushioned and supported correctly during space missions. Memory foam accommodates a variety of sleep positions. It also relieves pressure to the spine while you sleep.

Another type of mattress is a latex mattress. Latex contours to the general areas of your body, unlike memory foam that conforms to your exact body shape.

A latex mattress can feel bouncy. This may disturb your spouse when you adjust your sleeping position. Natural latex is priced on the higher end of mattresses.

The third mattress is a hybrid mattress. It comes with an innerspring wrapped by foam and several layers of memory foam. A hybrid mattress can give you a little bounce but isn’t as bouncy as a latex mattress.

The quality of hybrid mattresses can vary from brand to brand so make sure and test them out. Some brands allow you to take the mattress home for a trial period.

Get The Support You Need: Is Your New Mattress Causing Back Pain?

Is your new mattress causing back pain? Hopefully, this article has helped you answer that question. If your answer is yes, it’s time to look for a better mattress: Not too soft, not too firm, but just right! Be sure to purchase the appropriate boxspring as well.

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