9 Great Ideas For Decorating A Tiny Bedroom

9 Great Ideas For Decorating A Tiny Bedroom

October 12, 2015
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Bedrooms are not just used for sleep anymore, especially for young people. Television and online activities commonly occur in the bedroom now, especially given the multitude of devices (smartphones, tablets, and laptops) that can be used without the need for a bulky PC unit. It’s quite common for school assignments and work projects to be completed while propped up on a bed. But when a bedroom is really tiny, people can feel confined and their spaces can become really cluttered. Given that no magic fairy is going to come along and increase that space, we are going to have to get a bit creative about making that space “bigger” ourselves. Here are nine great ideas for decorating a tiny bedroom.

Shower Caddy

One of these will make a great storage space for small items anywhere in the room. School supplies, spice jars, or electronic accessories are a few among many items you can store. Attach a shower caddy to a wall and put in all chargers, adapters, flash drives, etc. that you use for your electronics. Use another one for pens, paper clips, stapler, etc.

Over The Door Shoe Storage

Much like the shower caddy, this can be used to hold a large variety of items. The items you can store in these include small articles of clothing, snacks, controllers, caps, etc.

Cork Or Dry Erase boards

It’s hard to keep your schedule together, and things can get confusing as schedules can get mixed up. By using these two common items confusion and mishaps can be avoided. You can also tack up a lonely sock looking for a mate, a reminder when something is due, etc.

Loft Bed

A loft bed might be the perfect solution for your space needs. By keeping your bed up high you essentially double the space in your room. Think of what can be put on the floor space below – a desk, storage units, and book shelves.9 Great Ideas For Decorating A Tiny Bedroom.

Storage Bed

If you are one who doesn’t want a loft bed, however, and you still want a lot of extra space, then a storage bed is the perfect thing for you. Storage beds usually have drawers or shelves built into the frame. These are great places to store out-of-season clothing if you use those shrinkable storage bags.

Book Shelf/Nightstand

You always want at least one of these in your room. They are a safe haven for text books, files, medicines, creams, contacts containers, notepads, etc.

Mount the TV

If your room has cable access, it is always a good idea to consider mounting the TV on the wall instead of placing it on a shelf – it just takes up too much space otherwise.

Storage Bins

Using a special Storage Foundation like a Forever Foundation can significantly increase storage space in your bedroom. While traditional beds do offer limited space underneath, Forever Store More Foundations make even more space that can be filled with storage bins, suite cases, or even large boxes that can easily hold all of your off-season clothing. The other benefit of this is that this use of that space cuts down on the cleaning of the floor space under your bed – just sayin’.

Use Large Netting

Take a cue from children’s bedroom décor. Large “fish netting” can be tacked up high across corners, so that you have a hammock for storage of larger items. Put extra bedding and other items that you don’t use often in this storage space.

The goal in decorating a tiny bedroom is to gain as much floor space as possible. Using walls, doors, and ceilings to get stuff off the floor will give you a “feel” for a much larger living space.

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