What Is The Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain

July 19, 2011
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Best Mattress For Low Back Pain

While many doctors, chiropractors, and yes even salespeople believe they know the answer to this question, the truth is there is no one brand, kind, or firmness that works for low back pain. Mattresses do not fix lower back pain so whichever mattress minimizes, reduces, relieves and allows a good night of sleep is the answer. The fact is no one mattress can do that nor do they guarantee it on any warranty card for that very reason, so it is important to select the bed that gives, relieves, and supports you while still meeting your needs for comfort.

Help Finding The Best Mattress for Low Back Pain

  1. Educate and ask about the physical mattress components to determine which one might best fit your needs. There are many types of coils used to make mattresses. Each has a unique height, coil count, design, and steel gauge thickness all of which affects mattress feel and support. Mattress thickness ranges from 7-18 inches thick and can also affect feel and support while additionally affecting look and the fit of bedding. Mattress thickness really should also be determined by personal preferences.
  2. Take your time and test rest mattresses for the best fit. Look for one that fills the natural curves of your body but still properly offers good spinal alignment. Good mattress support for the back can help doctor and chiropractic patients find some level of back pain relief. Many  even wake in the morning claiming reduced or total void of muscle soreness associated with a bad or worn mattress.
  3. Find that optimal balance involving comfort and back support. While many claim it is all about the firmest support others swear by the cushiest comfort. We think you need to test for the balance because they are equally important.  For some sleeping on a too firm  mattress can be as bad  or maybe even worse in some cases causing painful pressure points that lead to aches and pains. A medium-firm mattress with a little bit of cushiness may be a better choice often giving more comfort because it allows the hips and shoulders to go down into the mattress just slightly. Lower back pain patients who still want a firmer mattress for back support can do so but may opt to purchase one that is thicker with additional padding for greater comfort and more pressure relief overall.
  4. Lastly and most importantly use common sense when it comes to your  old mattress set. While some mattresses show obvious visible signs of wear like sagging, stains, or tears know that additions like plywood boards and mattress toppers are nothing more than quick fixes at best for mattresses with little to no support left in them. If your mattress is the standard conventional mattress with coil springs and padding, most are no longer properly doing their job. A person with lower back pain should consider investing in correct and proper support with the acceptable comfort that one can only get in a new mattress.
  • The best mattress is the one that feels the best to “you”.
  • The best mattress is the one that supports “you” the best.
  • The best mattress brand is the one that has the bells, whistles, and features that meet “your” budget.

The Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain Is The One That Works For “You”!

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