The Afton bed with plenty of space under it. It can help you learn how to declutter your bedroom.

How To Declutter Your Bedroom

June 23, 2022
How ToIn the Bedroom

Case studies show that what you see before you fall asleep at night in your bedroom can greatly affect your quality of sleep and the mood you wake up in. Less clutter means more satisfying nights. Today we are going to talk about how to declutter your bedroom.

Your bedroom is actually the most important room in your home. It’s your oasis that should reflect your style and it should be comfortable with all the things you need, but absent of things you don’t.

The great news is that you don’t need to remodel your entire bedroom and spend a lot of money in the process. The addition of a few things and the removal of others can make your bedroom appear larger, more spacious, neat, and tidy as well.

Less Furniture Is More When Learning How To Declutter Your Bedroom

If you have too many dressers, tables, and chairs all in one space it makes it appear cramped, even if your bedroom is the size of a presidential suite at a fine hotel. Every time you add a piece of furniture with a flat top surface, it’s inviting you to add more stuff on top of it to the point of overflowing.

Decluttered modern bedroom.

Take all of the furniture except your bed out of the bedroom. Then, put back the items you really need and want to keep but not items that aren’t necessary. Find another place in your home for the extra furniture or think about donating them or selling them. If you get some extra cash in the process–it’s definitely a win-win situation.

If you have a traditional dresser that is long and includes several drawers for storage, think about replacing it with a highboy instead. It holds about the same amount of clothing or other items and has a much smaller footprint, as it is tall and narrow compared to a dresser. A lowboy also gives you less of a flat surface to clutter.

Clothing Can Be A Culprit

Do you like finding bargains on clothing? Most everyone does. So, you make new purchases and just cram them in the closet or a drawer that is already full to the point of overflowing. This can really contribute to clutter in your bedroom.

The solution is to take a day and go through all the clothing in your closet and drawers. If something is out of style, doesn’t fit well or you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s time to toss it. Only keep the clothing that you wear on a regular basis plus some special occasion outfits.

After you have done your wardrobe cleaning, place two boxes in your closet on the floor. Label one donation and one consignment. Each time you wear an outfit or just try it on and decide you don’t really love it anymore, place it in one of the two boxes. The more expensive items can go in the consignment box, as they will net you more cash for them.

Add a hanging shoe rack to your closet to keep shoes and other items off the floor and organized. You can also hang ties, belts, hats, and scarves to keep them organized.

What About The Television?

If you watch television often in bed, then make sure and keep it. However, it is beneficial to hang it on a wall instead of taking up space on a table, desk, or dresser. This also frees up space and makes your bedroom appear more modern and streamlined.

What About The Home Office?

The home office is just that–and not a bedroom office. You should issue an eviction notice to it and move it to any other room or area in your home possible. An office is a place to pay bills, has hassles and it creates chaos in your life. These things are not needed in your boudoir. Move your office to the kitchen, dining room, or a guest room if possible. If there is absolutely no other area for it, try an armoire where you can shut the doors on the computer and other items so it is out of sight and out of mind.

Modern Home Office that is decluttered.

Otherwise, you can choose one corner and place two pretty painted screens on the sides and close the area off. The screens also add some flair to your bedroom with a splash of color.

Under Bed Storage Is A Must

So, what’s under your bed? If you are like most, it’s just a lot of wasted space under the frame. You don’t need a waterbed to get the fantastic use out of pedestal drawers. You can fit a lot of stuff in the drawers and some people find that they don’t even need a highboy dresser if they use the under-bed storage idea. You don’t want to make a big purchase? Well, don’t. You can purchase some bed risers in different heights to give you room for plastic or rubber containers with lids that you can slide out when you need to.

What About Grandma’s Cedar Chest?

More often than not, most people’s grandma had a cedar chest at the foot of the bed. What was the purpose? It does double duty to hold off-season bedding such as your warm comforters in the summer, and extra sheets and it also serves as a place to sit down to put on or take off your shoes. If you don’t already have a chest like this, you can get a more modern version to put at the foot of your bed for storage, and seating, and to have a comfy, warm home setting in your bedroom.

Daily Rituals To Conquer The Clutter

Your bedroom will remain serene if you follow a few bedroom rules on a regular basis.

Make your bed every day–preferably in the morning before you leave for work or get your day started. Open up the drapes to let some sunshine in throughout the day and enlighten your bedroom. When you get home from work, put your clothes in the laundry basket and don’t drape them over a chair or put them anywhere else in the bedroom. Only keep one of each item out and put the others away. Keep one book, pair of slippers, one bottle of lotion, etc. out and on your bedside table. Finally, take a long hard look at every single item you want to introduce to your bedroom.

That’s part of what started the clutter, so making conscious choices in the first place can avoid a re-occurrence of the clutter monster.

Following these tips and tricks can help you to declutter your bedroom and keep it clutter-free on an ongoing basis with little effort each day. We hope that these tips will teach you how to declutter your bedroom and that you sleep well tonight.

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