6 Teenage Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

6 Teenage Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

September 29, 2017
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Today we are going to discuss 6 teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms. Are there teenage beds for small rooms? And we will talk about other general bedroom ideas for small rooms.

Even in a small room, you can still make a stylish retreat for your teenager. Consider these tips to make the most of the space and to make your teen smile.

Know Your Teen’s Style

Don’t assume that you know what your teen wants in her room. At this age, opinions can change quickly, so ask first and get to know exactly what your teen would like, even if it’s too much for the small space, just to get a feel for her style. Then try to incorporate those trends into the new design.

The most important aspect of decorating for a small room is keeping proportion in mind. If you get your teen a big bed, he will have to accept a small desk and upright dresser to keep from overcrowding the space.

6 Teenage Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms.

Select Furniture With More Than One Function

Sofas and day beds work great for small rooms because they offer both a place to sleep and a spot to sit. A loft bed with a desk beneath is another creative use of space and is ideal for a teen’s room.

Making the most of the space also means if your child has a large closet, they may be able to forgo a dresser or wardrobe. Many shelving units can be rearranged to fit in closets to create a large area for both hanging and folded clothes as well as a space specifically for shoes and accessories.

Make Use of Wall Space

Instead of using a television stand, hang it on the wall. No floor space for a chair? Get a hanging pod chair or a hammock swing seat. Rather than relying on a bookcase, place plenty of shelves in the room not only for books but for knickknacks and accessories. Under-the-bed storage systems are also great for storing items not used on a regular basis so that the room still maintains a clean appearance.

Don’t Overdo the Color

Teens often like bold colors – reds, blues, greens, purples – and there is no reason not to indulge her. However, small spaces tend to look overwhelmed with too many bold colors. Consider painting one wall as an accent wall and using coordinating muted colors for the other three walls. Use accents and patterns with matching bold colors to draw out the style through the rest of the room.

Make Use Of The Floor & Ceiling

Adding a dark rug can ground a room and using patterns can add texture to a small bedroom. You can also use a bold-colored lamp shade to create the image of color in an otherwise drab room.

Don’t forget the ceiling! Adding a top border, a ceiling mural, or a classic trim can draw the eyes up and help expand the space.

No Desk Needed

Many parents feel they would be doing their teens a disservice if they didn’t provide a desk for schoolwork, but many teens don’t even use them. Instead, they become a catch-all for clutter, making it harder for your teen to keep her room clean. See if your student would rather do her homework on the floor or bed and don’t bother with a desk.

You may also consider getting a small computer desk that can double as a bedside table when not used for homework.

The Bed

Just because the room is small does not mean that you have to get a twin-size bed. There are many options that may make the room stylish without resorting to a tiny bed for your big teenager. Consider a wall-mounted headboard or none at all, since headboards and footboards can add more than a foot of space to the bed.

Platform or raised beds work well to allow storage space below and a trundle bed is a good idea if you have the space to store it when not in use.

Small room. Big space.

Just because a room is small does not mean that you don’t have the space available to make a sweet bedroom for your teen. Remember proportions and take advantage of wall space as well as storage space under the bed or in closets. If you think through your spacing needs, you might just come up with a new and creative way to design a picture-perfect bedroom for your teenager.

Now that you know the 6 teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms and the types of beds to use in small rooms you should be able to make a comfortable oasis for your teenager. Contact STL Beds today with any questions or concerns.

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