What Is A Daybed Trundle

What Is a Daybed Trundle

Learning about the Daybed Trundle

Day beds and Trundle beds are often confused with one another so let’s first distinguish the difference between the two similar but different kinds of beds. Both can have a mattress underneath however the portion that supports the mattress above where the most notable difference can be seen. Daybeds look like wood or metal framed sofa or love seat closed in on 3 sides that include arms on the 2 sides and a back that can be bolstered with pillows for seating. A trundle bed does not have the back found on a daybed and is really more like a bed with a headboard and footboard. Both can house something called a trundle to support the hidden or stowed mattress. So What Is A Daybed Trundle?

Don’t be confused often the name trundle is applied to 3 different kinds of mattress support systems. While technically incorrect, by industry definition they all three do the same thing store and support an extra twin size mattress under a bed whether it be a daybed or a trundle bed.


What is a daybed trundle

Kinds of Daybed Trundles;

Daybed roll-out pop-up trundle –

It is typically a steel configuration that utilizes a grid of crossing thick wires that attach to springs for energy absorbency.  This is supposed to prolong mattress life. The springs are connected to a rectangular steel or angle iron framework. Attached to the bottom of this framework are 4 carpet rollers that make pulling out and pushing the trundle easy. A scissor-type support system with heavy-duty springs helps to assist the raising and lowering of the linked spring mattress platform. It can be used in lowered or raised positions. Use it raised as a standalone bed for singles or push it against a daybed for a bed that offers king-size comfort width that is perfect for guest couples.

Daybed roll-out trundle –

This is the same design as a Roll out pop up trundle but without the feature of being able to raise it up to the same height as the day bed frame. This is most popular with kids, teens, and their friends who don’t mind sleeping low to the floor. Trust me not a great thing to try when you’re over 40, trust me on this one.

What Is a Daybed Trundle

Trundle Beds;

Drawer trundles –

These are just what they sound like they are a drawer that will accommodate a twin size mattress and are typically specific to a trundle bed and are used under some bunk beds as well. These trundles do not elevate or rise. Drawer trundles are nice-looking and great for the kids when they have a sleepover.

What Is a Daybed Trundle

More  Tips

Bedding for all three choices uses a regular twin / single size fitted sheet, flat sheet, and bedspread. All 3 can be purchased separately from the beds that house them for a reasonable price. Looking to purchase or shop for one of these trundles? Shop our Trundles Now!