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How Is A Mattress Like The Tire On Your Car?

July 6, 2010
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Is it OK to Buy a mattress that you never have to turn?

How Is A Mattress Like The Tire On Your Car? Worn out Yokohamas By The Pug Father

Back in the old days grandma took the old mattress outside and beat it to clean it, she washed the sheets regularly and flipped the mattress over and turned it around so it would last longer. However some company’s today are marketing some new fangled Neverturn™ mattress designs that could put grandma’s job in jeopardy.  So what’s grandma to do?

Not so fast there Spring Air and others like them. Neverturn™ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t turn and turn them you should. How often and why? Well grandma new best.

As often as you can is the truth and it’s our opinion this Neverturn™ philosophy of care is more marketing than the way it should be in the real world. The fact is a person doesn’t have to rotate the tires on their car either, but if you don’t they will wear uneven possibly causing one portion of the traction patch to have tread while the other side is nearly bald or having very little traction capability.


A mattress is no different than a tire. Our body weight is located primarily from the shoulder to the hip region and typically weighs significantly more than our feet, legs, and head do. If we were to never turn our mattress then the combination of weight, gravity, and time would cause the head end of the mattress to wear out before the foot end.

We encourage everyone regardless of what a manufacturer, salesman, or warranty card says to use a common sense approach and protect your investment of healthful sleep.  Turn or rotate your mattress if possible as much as once a month. It will last longer, wear more evenly, and feel great for many more years than if you to don’t turn it. You can rest assured of this. How Is A Mattress Like The Tire On Your Car? They can both wear unevenly and it definitely affects the performance.