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Under the Bed Storage Ideas

January 7, 2011
Bed StorageIn the Bedroom

Your bedroom is a haven from life’s chaotic pace, a place of peace, tranquility and the spot where a person relaxes, unwinds and rests.  However, it can be very unnerving to look around and notice blankets, piles of clothing and other stray clutter has taken over and invaded your surroundings.  Say goodbye to clutter and clean out that overstuffed closet, because with under the bed storage options, you can take control over the situation and reclaim your space again.

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The average king-size bed takes up 42 square feet of space, so why not utilize that space to the maximum and store some of your seasonal items away and have more closet space.  Rotating seasonal clothing and blankets, pillows and bedding, is a great way to get more use out of your bedroom space.  Under The Bed Storage containers can fit perfectly under the bed and some models come with wheels, so the unit can be easily rolled out when you need to find something.

Another option for those crafty people looking for great under the bed storage options is to do-it-yourself and save some money.  There are many different items a person can use to make under the bed storage units, but it requires something with sides and it needs to be a certain height, in order to fit properly.  One option is to use ordinary drawers which can be easily found at flea markets, yard sales and thrift shops.  To help move the drawers out from under the bed easily, a person can install casters to the bottom which makes it a convenient and affordable option for those on a budget.  Lining the drawers with scented paper or cedar chips is also a good idea to keep moths away and to keep the items smelling fresh.

Another option for under the bed storage is to make a plain storage box from the local merchandise store into a personalized piece of art that would look great under the bed.  Purchase a storage box from the store and cover it with a grass-cloth wall covering, the edges of the box are covered with strips of vinyl or leather and  to keep out dust you can cover the box with canvas on top.  A homemade under the bed storage box can be a great craft project and a person has a variety of different options when it comes to colors and fabrics so just use your imagination and make your own unique storage unit.

In your bedroom, it is not so much about the space you have that determines how you comfortable you are, it is what you do with that space.  The key to having a clutter free bedroom is to make the most of the space you have and to use all the space available, starting with under the bed.  When you are tired of looking at an unorganized, cluttered bedroom, under the bed storage options should be explored and with the advice provided above, you can utilize the space you have and enjoy a tidy, organized bedroom once again.