Guest Bedroom Mattress Ideas

Guest Bedroom Mattress Ideas

November 26, 2011
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Helpful Tips and Guest Bedroom Mattress Ideas

At the time of this article we were celebrating the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Years holiday seasons which got me to thinking about family and friends and where we people put them when they come into town or over to stay. It is not uncommon… as a matter of fact it is more the norm. We often see people flocking into stores like mine at the last minute and in need of a new mattress set for the extra bedroom because they have company coming to stay with them. While these people plan for such events important details get overlooked. We all have busy lives and quick hasty last minute bad purchasing decisions bring on the feeling of regret. So today we’re sharing are best Guest Bedroom Mattress Ideas whether you need it tomorrow, this weekend or as some tell me yesterday. We’ll spare you the buyers remorse.

Tips on how to select the right guest bedroom mattress.

  • What size will you need? Know this up front it will save you from making a trip back home or having to call and interrupt someone else to do it for you. Are you trying to fit an existing bed you already have? Are you starting from scratch? If you are starting from scratch we believe you need at least a full size mattress.  A queen size mattress we feel is best for beds that will be accommodating a couple especially in the confines of a smaller guest room where kings are out of the question.
  • A smart money saving tip is if you happen to have the same size mattress in your master bedroom and it is getting a little older and worn or perhaps isn’t quite your ideal mattress think about moving it to the spare bedroom. Putting the money toward something you need or want can really benefit you for nights and years to come as a bed for yourself.
  • Next you need to find a reputable place to buy. Start by asking family, friends and coworkers. They may have already done this and could save a lot of time, aggravation, and money. The BBB and online reviews can also be helpful to learn of a stores reputation and helpfulness.
  • While most people don’t like to dump much money into a guest bed mattress there are a couple reasons that you may need or want to raise your buying budget. Be careful cheap low end mattress models often can and do under perform, sleep bad, or even worse wear out prematurely regardless even if only used rarely.

More tips and questions to consider:

How often will it be used? Mattress sets that just need to take up space and fill up a room for looks and appeal doesn’t have to be high quality saving you time and money. The cheapest price will nearly always get the job done.

Think about who the mattress will be used by children or adults? Beds used by lightweight individuals will cause little wear and tear on mattresses compared to people of size especially when used more frequently. The fact is if small children or tiny adults will be utilizing the bed will offer you more leeway. Know this that people just under and especially over 200 lb usually damage cheep low quality bedding so buy accordingly. Article: The Truth about Cheap Mattresses.

The Starting cost in many stores for Cheap Low Cost spare bedroom mattresses?

  • Twin size set $99.00
  • Full size set $149.00
  • Queen size set$199.00
  • King size sets $299.00

Final tips for guest bedroom mattress ideas may also need to include an inexpensive air mattress . Something like used for camping or perhaps good upgrade to something similar to that of the AeroBed® air mattresses advertised widely. Roll away beds can be another fairly cheap solution and they also store easily like AeroBed type mattresses. Our favorite low cost solution comes in the form of a Mattress Topper which should only be used on existing mattresses that are excessively firm or that are not worn with deep body impressions.