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Bed Risers For Under Bed Storage

August 29, 2012
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The ultimate storage solution is more space.   We all want more of it in our bedrooms. We always seem to be confined by it. Our houses and those four walls within them we call the master bedroom, spare bedroom, or even the kid’s room is often the places where space can be limited. What if we could create more space and more specifically storage space without the expense of remodeling or buying storage-type furniture?  By using Bed Risers For Under Bed Storage you can take advantage of the wasted space underneath your bed and significantly increase the storage space in any room.

Benefits – Bed Risers For Under Bed Storage?

Bed risers create a taller more luxurious and stately look that can dramatically change the overall appearance of whatever bedroom you are making changes to. In addition, they create storage under the bed by raising the existing bed frame, mattress, and box spring. The amount of lift is typically 3-8 inches creating up to 30 cubic feet of under-bed storage space below a king-size bed. Additionally, they can support a tremendous amount of weight and heavy-duty bed risers can hold up to 300 pounds each.

What Are Bed Frame Risers?

Bed frame risers are made from a variety of building materials that include plastic, metal, and even wood. Some of these bed lifts are even adjustable and stackable presenting different height choices for those who demand more options. The lifts come in varying shapes and colors but must often look like cubes or flower pots that have been turned upside down. One riser is placed under each leg of the bed frame including the middle support legs whether it is a caster or glide type foot in order to raise the bed so that it sits level. Surfaces should be notched or recessed to keep the leg or foot more stable.

Most are flexible in design and can even accommodate square or round bed posts. Possible the most unique use we have noticed is people using them to raise various pieces of furniture like tables, desks, and couches. Be sure to check specific instructions before installing any type of lift making sure to understand its limits and safety limitations.

Bed Frame Riser Tips

Most bed frames will need 4-6 bed lifts in order to support each leg of a twin, full, queen, or king size bed so buy accordingly. Since many people use bed skirts or dust ruffles it is important to address this issue and cover the bed lifts with a longer skirt or disguise them to make them blend into the décor. The newly created storage space makes cleaning easy and can be easily accessed with a dust mop or vacuum cleaner. Should you opt to use the reclaimed floor space for storage it will be abundant. Plastic totes, suite cases, and even boxes are just a few things you can store helping to free up precious closet and drawer space and organizing your living space.

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