Bedroom furniture. How To Choose A Chest Of Drawers.

How To Choose A Chest Of Drawers

July 9, 2011
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Today we are going to talk about how to choose a chest of drawers. Buying a chest of drawers can be an intimidating task and having a plan cannot only help take the fear out of purchasing one it might actually include some fun. While cleaning up a mess isn’t fun having an organized room can lower stress levels and having storage and organization gives you a tool you can utilize daily in the form of a clean bedroom and one key is a chest of drawers. It’s a vertical or upright piece of furniture that may only have a few drawers or may include many. Styles, color, and price vary widely and the whole shopping experience can go from fun to freak out in minutes so here are a few tips we think are most important when buying this great piece of bedroom furniture.

Cozy Bedroom Interior Design. How To Choose A Chest Of Drawers?

Determine What Size Chest You Want

Figure out where you want to place the piece of furniture. There are things to consider that can affect the life of your chest. Direct sunlight and heat can affect various woods and finishes. You will need to work out where you want to place it and do some measuring.

Working out where to place your new furniture in advance will keep you from having to squeeze by it, allow you to completely open a door, or open a drawer all the way in order to place or remove items from the drawer. The best way to make sure fitting problems do not occur is to take your time. Measure length, width, height, and finally, how those measurements will correspond with the actual space you have in the bedroom. One of the most important things to do when measuring up for a new chest of drawers is to ensure that you leave enough space for the drawers to be opened fully.

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Look At The Quality Of The Chest

While it’s important for the chest of drawers to look good in your décor it is even more important that it holds up to the use and abuse that is thrown at it throughout the years. Drawer chests can be constructed of many things and most commonly it is various hard and soft woods or particleboard with laminated finishes. Other popular designs include wood veneers. Veneers include thin pieces or slices of wood that are typically glued onto core panels commonly made of particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, or wood quality and costs vary greatly.

Next look at drawer construction. Ask for assistance from an associate or research the net, but learn about the various construction features and ways of building dressers.  Depending on the building method quality will vary from poor to excellent so find what will both fit your budget and benefit your daily needs. The drawer framework should be dovetailed. French and English Dovetails are most common and may or may not have a center or side rollers guides for easy gliding drawers. Wood and steel guides can also be used and many are of good quality so do not discount their sturdiness. Lastly, look at the overall construction of the entire chest that houses the drawers it should be strong and stable when lifting not flimsy and structurally unsound.

What Style Chest Fits Your Needs?

  • Country
  • Modern
  • Painted Finish
  • Transitional
  • Asian
  • Queen Ann
  • Industrial
  • Contemporary
  • Shaker
  • French
  • Art Deco

The list goes on and on.

Do I Need A Brand Name Chest Of Drawers?

  • Broyhill
  • Stanley
  • Lane
  • Lexington
  • Vaughn Bassett
  • Kincaid
  • Pulaski
  • Hooker
  • Riverside
  • Hillsdale
Bright bedroom design.

These are just of few of the brand name companies you may recognize that offer chest of drawers. However, if you are looking for American made you might be surprised to learn that many of these household names are no longer made in the USA. While they still offer great quality at a fair price it seems many of the old American-made furniture companies have sold out for cheap labor. Personally, I believe if you follow the tips from the above name brand doesn’t matter and by avoiding the extra marketing expenses incurred from costly advertising a person can save quite a bit of money and get a great deal on a chest of drawers.

We hope that after reading this post you know how to choose a chest of drawers. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to order a new mattress or other bedding product.

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