Softside Waterbed Furniture It’s Not That 70’s Show

Beautiful Softside Waterbed Furniture

The versatility of softside waterbeds is what makes them so different from the old 1970’s wooden framed hard side waterbeds of the past. This new flexibility is only possible because of clever waterbed ingenuity. Designers of them realized they were trying to reinvent the wheel.  The old time waterbeds not only required special fitting sheets, mattress pads, and comforters but additionally only coordinated with the clunky wood furniture that was built to match them. Modern softsided waterbeds have introduced a new bedroom furniture buying concept that isn’t a whole lot different from that of the regular mattresses. It’s an idea that says you will not need to buy special softside waterbed furniture. Let’s learn more about this advanced waterbed.

What kind of Furniture works with a Softside Waterbed?

Buying bedroom furniture that works with a mattress and boxspring is easy and owning a softside waterbed gives owners of them the very same benefits of owning a regular mattress set. No matter the bed a person owns, know that the size doesn’t matter, queen, king, twin, or full soft side waterbeds can be connected with very little to no modification. The headboard or headboard and footboard merely need to have the proper supporting steel frame that can handle the additional weight of a flotation softside. These special waterbed frames can be found in any waterbed store or online with a simple Google search, not mention they’re easy to set up and easy to move when the time comes.

Softside Waterbed Furniture It's Not That 70's Show

Chest of drawers, dressers, and nightstands that work with softsides

Just like the ordinary beds found in any furniture store the dressers and mirrors, the chests, nightstands and any other coordinating pieces are not waterbed furniture at all.  A person can use virtually any and all styles and colors, different kinds of woods and metals; they will all work with a softside waterbed. The idea was to be able to utilize all of the benefits of the waterbed temperature control, pressure relief and comfort and allow them to mingle seamlessly with mainstream bedroom furniture. Additionally the bed developers wanted to be able make use of all the purchaser current bedding and mattress related accessories.   Own a waterbed and not have a single sole know it

Softsides are made to look like regular beds make  use of regular furniture, and regular bedding, what they have managed to ditch is the conventional thinking that waterbeds have to look like waterbeds. Some people who previously owned waterbeds got rid of them because of outdated styling and their inability to be customer friendly. Owning a softside allows users to reap all the benefits of a waterbed heat, support and comfort while owning an adaptable flotation waterbed can use any and not be embarrassed because their bed looks like it walked out of That 70’s Show.