Bedroom Furniture In St Louis Mo

Bedroom Furniture In St Louis, MO

December 23, 2011
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Where Can You Find Bedroom Furniture In St Louis MO?

Who has the best selection of Bedroom Furniture In St Louis MO? We do right here at STL Beds we have a wide variety of Bedroom Furniture to choose from in styles to fit anyone’s taste or bedroom design ideas, but here’s a question for you. Would you know how to tell a good piece of quality furniture, from a mediocre, or even poor quality furniture? The truth is most people do not have even the basic understanding of construction, quality, and weaknesses in dressers, chest of drawers, and beds. There is more to it than knowing fancy words like French or English Dove Tail.

What To Look For In Bedroom Furniture?

Be on your guard. Look for salespeople that take your focus away from the quality and construction of bedroom furniture with words like sale, savings, and discounts. While yes this is important getting the best piece of furniture you can afford for that discounted price is what you really want. We will show you that everyday lowest prices guaranteed and a knowledge of how a piece is put together will get you the best-built pieces of furniture for your budget.

The trained professionals at STL Beds will show you the differences between various construction joints on drawers like Rabbet joints and Dado. Which is better a french or English dovetail and are they necessary. Point out furniture that has been counterbored and screwed. Show you furniture pieces that include mortise and tenon connections or joints. We will even explain simple butt joints.

Finally, we will share our knowledge of different wood types and their use in bedroom furniture explaining details about solid wood, wood veneers, and laminates.  Which has the best quality and is best for your budget and quality needs. I am pretty sure you will be surprised by our answers.

What Kind Of Bedroom Furniture Do St. Louis Beds Carry?

What Is The Price For Bedroom Furniture?

There is probably as broad of a price range on furniture as there is on automobiles but there is always something for everyone’s budget at STL Beds. All of our bedroom furniture can be viewed and priced here. Our prices on a Chest of Drawers starts around $199.00. Dressers $275.00, Mirrors 100.00, Nighstands $155.00 and lots of headboards under $99.00

How Can I See More STL Beds Bedroom Furniture?

Follow this link and you can view all of our bedroom furniture sets. There we also plainly price each piece of furniture so that you can build your dream bedroom.  If you don’t want to buy or shop online we ask you to please visit our St. Louis area showroom or call us.