Fun & Creative Ideas For Home Date Night To Bring The Spark Back Into The Bedroom

Fun & Creative Ideas for Home Date Night to Bring the Spark Back into the Bedroom

June 26, 2018
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After the honeymoon phase is over, many couples seem to grow apart and do different activities that they like without the other. This is totally normal, however, if you want to bring some of the spark back into your relationship–think about having a monthly date night.

Date night doesn’t have to be something expensive to get closer to your partner as you once were. Any type of activity that you do together can help you to reconnect and have a much closer relationship. There are a few rules to follow first.

  • Rule 1: Choose a specific date for your date night and record it on your calendar. This helps both of you to stick to the date chosen so it will actually happen.
  • Rule 2: Make sure that both you and your partner are willing to participate in doing something together and whole-heartedly. If one of you is all in and the other is sorta indifferent, you won’t get a lot of satisfaction from your time together.
  • Rule 3: Don’t have any distractions of any type. Turn your phones off and wait until after the kids are in bed, or get a babysitter. This is your personal time together as a couple and it’s for you only.
  • Rule 4: Choose an activity in advance. Many couples find it fun to write activities down on pieces of paper, fold them closed and put them in a jar. Then a few days in advance you can pull on piece of paper out and do that activity for date night–but no cheating and putting it back in the jar.

Now that you have the rules down, let’s go on to some fun suggestions of activities for date night.

A Picnic

Have a picnic. You can simply put a blanket on the living room floor and either order in some of your favorite foods or swing by and get some takeout on your way home. If the weather is nice, consider having your picnic outdoors with a string of twinkling fairy lights for lighting and make smores over an outdoor fire pit or barbeque grill while you cozy up to it. If you are outdoors, consider picking up a book on the constellations and see which one of you can recognize them first.

Beverage Tasting Party

Pick up some adult beverages and have a wine, beer or drink tasting party. You can get adventurous with several different brands and types of beer or several of the small bottles of liquor like you see on an airplane. You can even make it a frozen drink tasting night by making different frozen drinks to try. You may discover a new favorite beverage for both of you in the process.

Ice Cream Night

Choose several pints of different flavored ice creams and in different brands. Just because you usually have one favorite, doesn’t’ mean you can’t have more than one favorite. On the other hand, you can choose both of your favorite flavors, but in different brands and compare them. Differences between brands with the same flavor are many including some being sweeter, creamier or richer in taste.

YouTube Karoke

Get your singing voices out. Search for karaoke on YouTube and you will find a huge selection of different types of music and songs to belt out your favorite tunes. You can sing like nobody’s listening since you are the only two in the room.

Play Video Games

You can play video games and choose a game that is new to both of you to make it fair. See which of you has the bigger knack for learning the ins and outs of new games. You can even designate a prize in advance for the big winner.

Movie Night

Grab a comfy blanket or air mattress and put it on the living room floor. You can lie there together and watch movies, then fall asleep together.

Exchange Massages

You and your partner can exchange foot rubs or massages after setting a timer so each of you get the same amount of time with a relaxing rub or massage.

Fondue Night

Fondue night is always fun to do together. You can choose cheese for the sauce and dip different types of meats in it, or go all out and do a chocolate fondue with fruit and marshmallow for a dipper. This makes for a casual dinner instead of the normal sit down to the table meal at night.

Make Dinner Together

Find a recipe from another culture that neither of you have had before and prepare the meal together. This is a great way to explore your taste buds as a couple together and have fun in the process. If you decide to have a Greek food night, you can put a Greek movie on to watch while you eat dinner.

Make a Casual Meal

Think of the items you like as snacks and appetizers at a party. Grab some chips and dips or vegetable trays, fruit trays or any other appetizers you like and have a super casual meal of cheese, crackers and sausage.

Paint Together

Get out an easel or just the canvas and paints and put them on a table. Paint together on the same canvas and help add pizzazz to your partner’s painting. You can explore your tastes in art together this way–and if you only are good at drawing stick people, it doesn’t’ matter. It’s about the time spent together with your partner.

Pizza Night

Make a homemade pizza together. You can buy the dough for the crust if you don’t want to take the time to make it from scratch. Throw all of the toppings you like on it and pile it high. You don’t have to limit it to a few ingredients because of the price as you do with delivery or take out.

Blind Taste Tests

You and your partner get some different types of foods together and don’t let the other see what you choose. Cover the foods in two different areas with a towel so there’s no peeking. Blindfold your partner and give them tastes of sweet and savory foods and make them guess what it is. You can use peanut butter, whipped topping, candy, honey, strawberries and other fruits and cream cheese. When you get pretty good at this one, do a blind taste test with variances of one item, such as shredded cheeses to make it harder to guess.

YouTube Dance Lessons

Take YouTube dance lessons together. You don’t need to go to an instructor or even pay anything to do this together. Learn to do different ballroom dances at home–since no one can see you, it doens’t matter who steps on the others feet the most.

Play Games Together

Play a board game or card game together. You can choose from a huge variety of these and never feel like it’s getting old. Some couples like to play board or card games that they played as a child.

Enjoy Dessert

Get a super fancy dessert from a nearby bakery or restaurant and share it together. This can go with your meal from another culture night or it can be a standalone activity.

These ideas can get you started on date nights to grow closer together as a couple. You can also mix and match activities and have candlelight dinners or dress up in your fanciest outfits for dinner together.