Why Buying A New Mattress Is Like Dating

Why Buying a New Mattress is Like Dating

January 16, 2014
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Buying a new mattress is like dating , whether you’re planning to move in together or getting married, sharing your life and your bed with that special someone requires careful consideration. Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. Like the special someone in your life, it pays to choose wisely. How then, does a couple go about choosing a new mattress when she likes one that’s soft and he likes one that’s firm?

It takes a lot of dating to find the perfect partner for you and the same is true when it comes to selecting a mattress. It pays to be patient and to take the time to compare different models. The only way you can get to know each other and your mattress is to ask questions — lots of them! The associates at STL Beds are an invaluable resource for mattress shoppers. STL Beds is happy to point you in the right direction by explaining the differences between each mattress as well as their benefits.

The trick for couples is to find the mattress you can both feel good about, a mattress that reflects your mutual decision. Though it may require some give and take on both your parts, it never hurts to listen to each other and be courteous. Believe it or not, when you listen and respond to your significant other’s needs you’ll find your own needs will be met as well.

Start your process of finding the perfect mattress as a couple by first deciding what size mattress you need. When it comes to sleep, every couple needs their space no matter how in love you are. Experts recommend queen- or king-sized beds to accommodate the involuntary movements each of you will make during sleep. How do you know which size will work best for you? A queen-sized mattress is best suited for couples who like a little space between them. But if you as a couple prefer to spread out or have pets and children that invade the bedroom each night, a new special size called a Flare built by King Koil and sold by STL Beds which offers approximately 15% more sleeping surface in the smaller mattress foot print. Finally if space allows the choice of a king-sized bed may be the best bet.

You’ll also want to determine a budget and stick to it. Avoid buying an uncomfortable mattress if it saves you money. You can’t put a price tag on a comfortable night’s sleep. You need sleep to be able to function, to stay well and for work. Health professionals know that sleep deprivation has long term consequences to your health. This is why a little research on your part goes a long way. Once you find the mattress you want you’ll know how much you need to budget. It pays to save up a bit longer and get the mattress you really want than to live with long-term discomfort and regret. And don’t nix the box spring either. Nixing the box spring could reduce the comfort and durability of your new mattress and in some cases can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

And what do you do when your significant other prefers a firm mattress while you prefer one that’s soft? Considered mattresses that offer customized dual firmness where one side can be soft and the other firm. Bed kits, organic mattresses, and softsides are all mattresses that tout this feature.  Granted some people may have to compromise on your final selection but there are some steps you can take to make it work. Another way is to take advantage of thick, plush mattress toppers to make one side of a firm mattress softer.

You wouldn’t marry someone without going out on a date first would you? In order to find the right mattress you’ll want to put on some comfortable clothes and go to STL Beds to meet some mattresses. You and your significant other should lay on mattresses for at least 15 minutes together so you can feel the motion when one of you moves around as well as how comfortable you are. Take along your favorite pillow if you’d like or ask for one at the store. Who knew shopping could be so relaxing?