Couples: One Bed Or Two?

Couples: One Bed Or Two?

February 9, 2015
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Do you and your partner share the same bed? Chances are you just answered yes to that question. Although most couples sleep in the same bed, some don’t. They could have separate rooms or two separate beds in the same room. Whatever their setup is, the big question is why do they do this? Numerous reasons exist for couples to sleep in separate beds. Let’s take a look at a few reasons and compare some pros and cons of sleeping in the same or different beds.


Many believe while sleeping in separate beds they lose the closeness that certain sleep positions like spooning brings to a couple. For other couples, it’s a war with nightly battles for territory that doesn’t end until the alarm clock sounds. The battle begins with partner’s knees being driven into the back, a quick flop and jolt from turning over over in the mattress, and then “accidentally” hitting the other with flailing elbows and hands (who would want to sleep with this)? The sleepless night continues with breathing down your neck,  snoring, and other delightful bodily irritants throughout the night.

Still not convinced? It’s rare to see a couple that agrees as to whether the temperature is too hot or too cold making the thickness of blankets, sheets, and other bedding a heated issue. Then the tug of war begins, back and forth causing the loser to freeze while the other celebrates wrapped in their victory getting all the covers.

If your partner has restless legs at night, a separate bed will give them room to kick as much as they want, all night long! Ladies, you’ll no longer be scratched by your husbands uncut toenails! Guys, you’ll be able to bring as much food and drinks into your bed as you want- without your wife being upset! Both partners will have the ability to make (or not make) their bed in whichever fashion they want to! No more fights because one person made the bed “wrong”!

The last of our situations that motivates people to sleep in separate beds is different work schedules, school, and even mismatched sleep patterns. These untimely daily life routines can cause disturbances such as waking and getting ready for work while the other person is trying to sleep.

Best Reasons To Sleep Together

There are numerous upsides to having separate beds. Now, you’re probably wondering what’s the con of having separate beds? Many physicians believe better health related benefits can be achieved due to lowering the stress. Many don’t want to  lose a sense of closeness. This is the big drawback of having two beds; couples won’t get to sleep looking at the face of the person they love or wake up with that same beautiful face still staring at them as they start their day. Sleeping in separate beds may also affect peace of mind, intimacy, and lovemaking. Research into the benefits of couples who share their bed together may find that it helps and strengthen their relationship. While this research is pretty new, it does sound promising and could help couples over the long haul, and in the end may help them live longer.

So as you can see, the reasons for both sides of the discussion are strong. This decision really has to be made by each individual couple. Whether or not you decide to change your bed situation, I hope you found this to be an interesting read! The idea that married couples who don’t sleep in the same beds have problems couldn’t be further from the truth; in fact they may know something that the rest of us haven’t figure out yet…what it feels like to wake up relaxed, rejuvenated and rested.

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