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Pros and cons of hardside waterbed covers

January 26, 2013
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Possibly one of the best waterbed accessories available

While many believe the hard side waterbeds have disappeared the fact is many companies still sell them and the necessary and modern parts that can modernize and make them more comfortable. One such accessory that everyone must consider is a hardside waterbed cover. It’s a real treat that not only feels great but greatly improves the look and comfort of what some call a big bag of water. So we thought we would share the pros and cons of hardside waterbed covers.

What is a hardside waterbed cover?

It is a total enclosure that looks identical to the material on regular mattresses. While colors don’t affect the feel of the cover quilting patterns, fill materials and layers do. The very same materials foams, fiber, and thinner and thicker layers lay on the surface is a water mattress. The top panel cover is essentially a thicker or thinner mattress surface padding that zips onto the rest of the encasement which is very much like a giant protective suite case that the water bed bladder sits into.

The pros of a hardside waterbed cover

There are three primary reasons waterbed owners choose the newer modern cover.

  1. Protection-whether you own a dog or a cat or you just concerned about the possibility that something may accidentally puncture your bed, a protective zippered encasement cover is the insurance worried people have been looking for.
  2. High efficiency-Just like a well-insulated attic the surface topper helps to maintain bed temperature. In addition the heating system does not work nearly as hard and will not have to be replaced as often.
  3. Luxurious feel- Many waterbed owners rave about the added comfort, wonderful feel, and better breath ability.

The cons of  a hardside waterbed encasement cover

  1. Higher cost- zippered encasements can cost a lot more than a simple anchor band or fitted mattress pad. However the extra cost can be easily recovered in the form of mattress protection, utility savings, and heater unit replacement cost.
  2. Waterbed sheets not fitting properly- Waterbed sheets are notorious for popping off and the added thickness can make the issue worse. Look into deeper pocket sheets or sheet straps as a solution.
  3. Must drain waterbed to install- this is because the waterbed cover goes all the way around the mattress. An electric pump can speed up the draining process and emptying the mattress nearly complete.

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