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My Bed Is Noisy, Can I Fix It and Make It Quiet?

February 3, 2014
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You cannot simply assume the boxspring spring is the source of the noisy squeak. The following link will direct you to our article that will help you find and isolate the annoying noise. These noises are often caused by slight motion between two parts usually metal against wood or wood against wood. Assuming that you have now isolated the precise spot the noise is coming from  we have listed some of common squeaks and sounds associated with a bed and the remedy.

Boxspring Spring Noise

From a customer:

“Doug, we recently purchased a brand new king size mattress with a boxspring, and after just a couple of months or so the boxspring began to squeak and making noise. What is causing these horrible sounds? I think it’s the boxspring, can it be fixed? This shouldn’t be happening so fast. My husband and I are not large people.”

These coil springs are flexible and over time because of dust, dirt, and or fatigue from age can become a real nuisance. If this is not under warranty what have you got to lose? Carefully remove the protective dust cover and begin to look at each of the attachment points. Most are fastened to the wood slats and frame work with industrial staples. If they are loose they must be reconnected securely. They can also be intertwined into the surface of the boxspring which is typically a heavy duty steel wire grid. These metal to metal connections are often another source of noise. If no springs are found to be loose the source of the noise is likely one of the joints or connections we just detailed.  Spray each connection (fastening point) with a good silicone lubricant such as WD-40.

Foundation Squeaking

Foundations are different than boxspring learn the differences between them by clicking here. Remove the stapled dust protector on bottom side of the foundation. Many foundations don’t use enough wooden slats to evenly distribute the stress from body weight throughout the foundation’s framework.  This additional pressure from daily use seven to eight hours a night begins to flex and loosen. With the wood slats and the wood frame work not being firmly secured together the wood begins to squeak.

This fix can also be used on slats for boxsprings- The frame and the slats must be firmly clamped to together with a wood clamp. Pre drill a couple small pilot holes through the slat and into the wood foundation frame work. Securely wood screw and wood glue the slat back into its original position. Repeat the process on any of others loose slats and replace the dust cover when you are certain it no longer squeaks.

Bed Frame Noise

The steel frame that holds up your boxspring is usually a part of the bed that can get loud. The parts that make the noise are again where connections are made and have become loose. Tighten all nuts, bolts and C-Clamps firmly. Silicone type sprays can also help with metal to metal connections that have become an irritant.

Bed Frame Connection

This is an area of the bed where frequently nuts and bolts loosen up. The solution is to tighten them and recheck occasionally. Down hook connections can also be a cause of another problem, beds that shake and rock. Headboards often will hit the wall from constant movement and become a real nuisance. The solution is to make sure down hooks are fastened in securely with a rubber mallet. If the connection is still loose consider adding special made bed frame shims to solve the issue. Replacing a worn bed frame or headboard may be your only other option at this point. A penny pincher or half butted solution as some say is bed pillows, blocks of foam, or even rolled up or folded towels. This how ever does not fix the real problem only stops the bed movement and is usually only a very temporary fix.

Mattress Noise

Mattress sounds are seldom a source for squeaky noise these days because there is very little steel used inside most mattresses. The noise associated with mattresses is typically a popping, scrunching or crumpling kind of sound.  If rotating it 180 degrees doesn’t work or in the case of flippable mattresses turning it over does not solve the problem replacement is usually the best option. Whether that means contacting the store or factory for warranty replacement if applicable or purchasing a new one there isn’t much that can be done in the case of mattress repair.

Bed Movement is the cause- Refer to bed frame connection solution

Annoying noises, squeaky bed frames, loud foundations, rocking beds: Whatever is making the racket that is keeping you awake know that there is most likely a way to silence the sleep system that’s keeping you awake. Good luck and lets fix this problem and put these disturbing noises to bed.