Something Wrong With My New Mattress

February 5, 2011
In the Bedroom

It’s hard to believe that a mattress could have something wrong with it,

My New Mattress, What Could The Problem Be? Questions by Valerie Everett

but there are some all to common complaints that come along with purchasing a new mattress and boxspring these days. Many people as they should be are concerned about what some call mattress manufacturing inconsistencies, especially after spending so much money. However do not assume you have a warranty claim. It is very important that you know what is and is not covered by a mattress warranty. Listed below are 5 of the issues that are commonly raised and the resolutions to them.

Threads or loose strings hanging from the mattress

First and foremost do not yank on thread. Gently pull the string which should lock the stitch and clip the loose thread or threads. Quilting machines after sewing the foam and top fabric layers together will tack and sew an area down and then cut the thread. It will then move to a new area to repeat the process. Sometimes the thread is not clipped short enough.

My mattress feels different from the one in the store

There are many possibilities for this one.

a)      The mattress may not be the one you purchased, contact the retailer and have the problem corrected. There should be not a charge to consumer for this.

b)      They may have made changes or upgrades in the design that the sales person may not have been aware of. In most cases the store floor model should reflect those changes made. If not this is the problem of the store not the consumer.

c)      Manufacturer made changes and did not inform the retailer. This is rare but does occur.

d)      Store floor model may be worn and fatigued. This is especially true of high traffic locations.

The new mattress has a chemical smell

All mattresses are required to pass safety tests for flammability. Most mattress manufacturers have resorted to using chemicals to retard flammability. In addition there are many synthetic materials used in constructing a bed such as polyurethane foam, which is petroleum based and polyester fiber all of which use many chemicals in their make up. Smell usually dissipates quickly but for some can be an irritant.  The only alternative is getting an MD. Prescription or purchasing an organic model. Both choices either reduce or eliminate chemical smell.

My mattress is not shaped correctly

Mattresses can vary slightly in their finished look and because they are hand made products inconsistencies can and do occur. Inspections upon completion are designed to reduce or eliminate such problems. If yours missed such an inspection or failed to have such an inspection upon completion and you feel your mattress is not what you agreed to purchase you should return it.

My new mattress is flattening out or sagging

Pillow top, plush top, and even firm top mattress can have compressions of surface materials within a few days or weeks. Manufacturers say this is normal which we would agree with. However if or when compression begins to affect the mattress feel and support then you will want to contact your retailer or manufacturer, a mattress should not sag.