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Can A Squeaky Bed Be Fixed

December 3, 2009
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“My bed squeaks and it drives me crazy what can I do?”

“Is there something wrong with my mattress & boxspring it is noisy?”

These are common questions and yes you can fix the noise, sometimes. Now let’s see if we can help you resolve the squeaking problem.

First and foremost determine the obvious. Finding and isolating the noise to an exact location with a couple quick tests and replace the bad part.
Most squeaking does not come from the mattress or the boxspring, it generally is found coming from the frame or the combination of frame, headboard, and footboard if you have one. You must remove the boxspring and mattress to do this. Put a little weight on the frame and move or rock the headboard. If it is loose tighten the nuts and bolts or purchase metal shims made to tighten up hook side rails.

No squeak in the frame or headboard and footboard. Then place the mattress on the floor get onto the mattress lay, roll, and move around on it. If it squeaks or pops there really is nothing you can do to fix it unless your mattress is still under warranty. Ask your dealer or the manufacturer if it can be replaced. A defective or broken spring is likely the problem.

Not squeaking in the mattress either? That only leaves the boxspring. Carefully do the same thing with the box spring, placing it on the floor and laying on the box spring. If it makes a noise and squeaks it is likely a broken or loose wood slat or frame work. It could also be located in the springs, torsion bars, or steel grid deck coming detached from its wooden frame work. Hopefully you are still with in your warranty period; such problems are usually covered by warranty from the manufacturer.

An example of what is not covered under warranty is when your bed frame doesn’t offer enough support, which can cause your box spring to flex improperly causing the failures mentioned previously or possible collapse. Weak and unsupported wooden bed slats are a majority of these problems today and are a common cause for mattress and boxspring failures. Provide good and proper support for your mattress and box spring and your mattress set should last for years to come.