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Alternative Bedroom And Storage Spaces

October 19, 2015
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Do you need more bedroom space? Are you thinking of breaking down an exterior wall to make an addition? Are you searching for a home that has more bedrooms than your current residence? If you are, you might want to stop and reconsider your options. You may be able to re-purpose space and turn it into a bedroom or even ad extra storage space where you didn’t think you had it. Here are a few examples in which you may be able to make an extra bedroom out of an existing space.

Finished Room Over The Garage

You may, depending on the construction of your home, be able to convert the space above your garage into an extra bedroom. The finished room over the garage (affectionately known as the FROG room) has great potential for a guest bedroom, or for a teenager’s bedroom. Since the FROG is often positioned at the opposite end of the home from other bedrooms, the occupant enjoys a lot of privacy. This is something that both teens and visitors will appreciate.

Spacious garage with brick walls. A bedroom could go over the garage.

Converting Unused Or Little Used Spaces

Do you have a craft room, sewing room, home gym, or office that just isn’t getting much use? If you have more people than bedroom space, it may be time to convert that unused area into a new bedroom space. Some may feel as if the relatively small size of these rooms is negative. In reality, the small size can actually work to your advantage. It’s more than a nook and these cozy rooms are great for toddlers who are ready for their first bedrooms. They’re also a great room for college students who only need a place to crash on the weekends and in the summer. This leaves other bedrooms for kids who need more space.

Doubling And Tripling Up

Sometimes, families become too focused on ensuring that each child has his or her own bedroom, and they lose sight of the bigger picture. This is especially true with younger kids. If your kids have their own bedrooms, but no indoor play area, it might be time to make a few easy and smart changes. Kids in preschool and grade school need a place to play much more than they need a private room in which to sleep. If you double or triple kids up in a bedroom with bunk beds or a trundle bed, you can use the second bedroom as a spacious playroom.

The kids get plenty of room to play, and Mom and Dad have less worry about toys trickling into the living room. Simply adding more storage areas to the bedroom with items like the Store More Foundation or Sto Away Foundation can be an inexpensive solution and less stressful than buying a new house or remodeling.

Converting The Basement

If you are in need of a large bedroom area or even a small apartment the solution to your problem might be converting your basement. A basement bedroom is perfect for a young family saving to get their own place, or for a college graduate who needs a bit more privacy and independence. Many basements have space for both a master suite and a living room. Then, when the bedroom is no longer permanently occupied, it can be converted into the perfect guest suite.

Stay Safe

No matter how you decide to get more bedroom storage space, please make sure that you follow all safety guidelines. Check your local regulations or speak with someone at a nearby fire station if you are unsure whether or not the space you are considering will make a safe bedroom.

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