How To Convert A Twin Size Bed To Full Size

How to Convert a Twin Size Bed to Full Size

December 8, 2012
In the Bedroom

Who Makes a Conversion Kit That Adjusts From Twin To Full?

Many people look into the idea of increasing bed size for their child so they consider going from a twin to full size and this can be a smart idea. An even better idea would be a quick and simple way to convert a twin size bed to a full. While there are many different conversion frames and accessories I am sorry to say that I am not aware of a converter available through the frame manufacturers that STL Beds does business with. While you can’t convert a twin size bed to full, there is an exception and some other important things you need to know.

Why Can’t I Convert My Single Bed To A Full?

One reason might be because there is very little demand for such a part or frame. The fact is most people don’t even consider the possibility.  New bed buyers choose to simply purchase a full size headboard when they buy their new full mattress. This size is also sometimes called double mattress.

There really is quite a bit of difference between a twin and a full size bed:  There is 16 inches of  difference in the width between the 2 different sizes leaving a very large amount of overhang on each side of the bed 8″ to be precise. This would not only look bad but frankly would be just an overall poor fit and finish.

Secondly there is no good way of making it stable enough to support a full size bedding and headboard without an ugly attachment bracket.

Bed that changes into a full

Recently I saw a bed on Brookstone called the May Conversion Kit. They claim that this allows a person that has an existing bunk bed with twin size on the bottom to expand into a full size bed. The kit runs about $150.00 but looks to only match a certain style bed. It does look like a great way to maximize use of your furniture piece.

Sometimes perspective shoppers point out that a full size mattress can be used with queen size headboards and we agree; we sell a large amount of such conversion kits. Full to queen size conversion works, because the difference in width is much smaller, only 6″, so there are only 3″ overhang on each side, which is less noticeable.