Steel Bed Slats

Steel Bed Slats Beef Up Your Existing Bed

So you have this amazing mattress and a really sweet bed but it turns out you don’t have the correct support underneath your mattress set. You thought the boxspring and mattress would be fine until you realized the warranty for the set calls for center supports with feet. Steel bed slats are the best way to protect your bed and are sometimes called center supports or slat kits. You don’t want your mattress set to be vulnerable to failure. Unfortunately support with most complete beds that include headboard and footboard is sub-par or is offered as optional at best.  An important part of any steel bed slat kit is the feet and they fasten to the legs of the steel slats; these adjustable footings act as piers to your floor and assure warranty and strengthen the entire bed support system.

What Kind Of Steel Bed Slats Are Available?

Beds with a wood headboard and footboard and wood side rails are vulnerable to cracking and breaking can use a couple different types of steel bed slats with feet. These heavy duty bars run from one side of the bed to the other and securely screw into the wood lip of the wooden side rails. These metal slats are made from hardened steel and are designed to replace weaker wooden rails that warp, crack, and can break.

Steel Bed Slats
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The models you will want to look into that we offer include:

G Force 1 for queen and G Force 11 king are quality center supports on a budget

The GS-3 XS Center Support is our top seller – a universal support that fits full, queen, and king size beds

The BB 8 Q and BB 8 K are our heaviest steel bed slat system with feet and are strong enough to support heavier people and softside waterbeds and of course anyone that just wants the best support money can buy.

Complete Steel Bed Frames with Steel Bed Slats

The entire bed frame is made of metal including the side rails and slat system. The hook in beds with head boards, footboards and hook in slots offer various models of Complete Steel Bed Frames with Steel Bed Slats to take care of your support needs:

DRTF3 frames will support twins and full size
DRQ60 and 62CS will fit queen size beds
K80, K83, and DRK80 are perfect for those in need of a king frame

Bolt up Steel Bed Frames with Steel Bed Slats

This is another type of bed frame that is entirely made of steel. These bolt up type beds have holes in the legs of the headboard and footboard making connection possible with bolts, nuts, and washers. Bolt up Steel Bed Frames have steel side rails with Steel Bed Slats that span the width of the bed and again keep the mattress set from sagging. Here are just some of the frames that can handle the job:

BB 24 connects twin and full size beds with headboards and footboards
BB34 Joins queen size headboards and footboards
BB44 Attaches king headboards & footboards
46R and 24 RR Bolts up to twin & full size head boards only
34 RR, LB 34 (low profile version) fastens up queen head boards only
44 RR, LB 44 (low profile version) affixes king head boards.