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Why a coil spring mattress? They are perhaps the oldest kind of mattress made today and it has proven itself to be effective and reliable mattress ahead of all other kinds of mattresses by standing the test of time. Your new found comfort and support is only available in brand name sleep systems like these that have set the bar within an extremely competitive mattress industry; Therapedic®, Innergy® 2-sided mattresses, Restonic®, MediCoil HD™ Heavy Duty Mattresses, Corsicana Bedding, Savvy Rest and Sterling Sleep. Systems. Click and see photos below for details and pricing.

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Charlesworth Euro Top Mattress

Charlesworth Euro Top Mattress


The model 1025 Charlesworth Euro Pillow Top mattress is a great mattress at an even better price, making it a best seller. Please take a moment to browse just a few of these really great practical uses for this great mattress. It is a fantastic choice for teens, tweens, and children, and when purchased in larger sizes it is often purchased as a low cost option for spare bedrooms, those on tight budgets or those on fixed incomes. This no flip design makes this single sided mattress very low maintenance. Corsicana puts cheap prices, comfort, support, and durability all together in one dream package. Complete this sleep system for just a little bit more with their optional Promenade Foundation.
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Daydreamer Double Sided Plush Mattress

From: $155.00

DayDreamer comes in at only 8 inches thick making this mattress ideal to be used on bunk beds, daybeds, and platform beds that often require lower profile mattresses. Thicker mattresses are normally are too tall in theses cases because they come even or worse above required safety rails of bunkbeds for example. On daybeds the thickness can interfere with the aesthetics of the beautiful bed and platform beds typically already sit taller and adding to thick of a mattress can not only look silly but also be hard to get in and out of for a child. The DayDreamer double sided plush mattress adds just the right amount of cushioning to make your child comfy, while still giving them the firm support you demand and they need. While it really isn’t strong enough for full grown adults it is ideal for kids just leaving the crib all the way up to smaller adults and tweens.

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Hotel-Motel / Indigo 500 Two Sided Mattress


The Hotel-Motel |Indigo 500 is a double sided smooth top mattress than can easily be flipped over to promote longer mattress life when compared to the similar beds with only one side. Best usage for this competitively priced mattress is for smaller very young children on regular bed frames, bunk beds, or perhaps that spare bedroom that needs to be filled on a small budget. While smaller adults could use this double sided mattress, in those occasional overnight guest situations it lacks deep support and comfort for tweens, teens, and most adults.

Don’t forget to add the optional foundation.

Kennewick Euro

Kennewick Euro Pillow Top 2 Sided Mattress

From: $393.00

What makes this Kennewick Euro Pillow Top so special? Price price, price, and value, value, value. Corsicana, the leader in budget-built bedding, has taken a page frame the past by making this bed with two sides so it can be rotated head to toe and also flipped over for even wear and significantly longer life. They blend this old-school technique with modern day comfort layers and supporting springs for a sleep experience not found anywhere else for this kind of price.

Don’t forget to complete this sleep system with the optional foundation for ideal support and comfort. Detailed specifications can be found below.

Kennewick Firm Dual Sided

Kennewick Firm Two Sided Flip Mattress


We all know what you get when you spend $99.00 for a bed. You get what you pay for – junk.

Corsicana set out to build a budget-minded bed for the most affordable price that offers the most quality and value. Introducing the Kennewick Firm double-sided mattress, the longest lasting and  most comfortable mattress you can buy for a few hundred dollars. The Kennewick Firm is made in the USA in Corsicana, Texas. Why buy a Chinese import?

Keep your money right here in the states. Compare our building specifications below to theirs and see why this mattress and optional foundation really is the very best mattress set for such a meager price.

Kennewick Plushkennewick plush

Kennewick Plush


If you have been shopping for a very low priced 2-sided mattress that can be used every day or fill that space in your spare bedroom for when family comes in or support that growing child or teenager, look no further than Corsicana’s Kennewick Plush. It’s double-sided, has a 12” plush cushy feel, and features a much needed firm inner coil system for support for durability. This bed is not recommended for above average size adults, but would offer great value and support for those weighing no more than about 180 pounds each. Side and back sleepers in particular rave about the beds feel which can be enhanced by adding our optional Promenade Foundation.
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medicoil hd 1000 or 1500 corner

Medicoil HD 1000 Mattress

From: $1,125.00

fs_prod1 (1)

No One Builds A Stronger Mattress For Less Money!

The Medicoil HD 1000 Mattress is more than the typical one-size-fits-all bed.

People of size have been complaining to our industry for years.

Finally, a manufacturer has listened. Thank you Therapedic™”.

They have designed a better bed for buyers that incorporates a much higher level of support, more stability, and overall extended durability. This is in direct response to all of those customers crying out that their beds don’t hold up under the bigger, heavier sleeper.

Don’t forget it’s made by one of the very best manufacturers in the bed building business.

OPTIONAL FOUNDATION: Reminder to select the Medicoil HD foundation that supports this mattress

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Medicoil HD 2000 Mattress

From: $1,301.00

The heavy duty Medicoil HD 2000 Mattress encompasses a firm feel with just a touch of cushiness on the surface that doesn’t make the bed feel mushy and soft. Professionals in tfs_prod1 (1)he bedding business that really know mattresses agree that this is one of the best sleep surfaces made today.

Bigger people have criticized the bedding industry, especially in recent years, because their mattresses don’t hold up under average sized people, much less those who are medically considered to be overweight.

During a time when the industry trend has been to cut costs, Therapedic™ decided to build beds with a much different philosophy. They insist that using superior higher density foam, high resiliency foam, and Phase Change Gel-Foam for better pressure relief is the answer.

Add in some of the strongest steel coils made and quality insulating layers, and this mattress is light years beyond the typical modern day mattress. But they don’t stop there. Therapedic™ lasts longer because of meaningful features that offer genuine benefits such as more stability, increased support, and lasting durability.  The Medicoil HD 2000 will win the toughness battle hands-down compared to our competitors beds. Check out our specifications and compare.

The best foundation money can by is the OPTIONAL: Heavy Duty HD Medicoil Foundation.

Just Click Below to add it.
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medicoil hd 3000 or 3500 cornermedicoil

Medicoil HD 3000 Mattress

From: $1,654.00

fs_prod1 (1)Yep, It’s that Tough!

Have you experienced problems with mattresses that won’t hold up and that break down in a few months or a couple of years?

Most of today’s mattresses are simply not built to handle the plus-sized frames of growing Americans.  Therapedic™ decided they didn’t want to build their beds like everyone else and worked hard to seek out some the highest quality building materials and do it for the same prices as ordinary brand name mattresses.

This one-sided mattress has superior strength and can outlast nearly all of the old two-sided mattresses of the past. It is more resistant to body impressions, something you can’t get in a brand name bed.

This isn’t just a claim. Why?  Because they don’t skimp where it’s most important – the raw materials used to build it. It incorporates more total steel and enhanced Talalay Latex rubber which makes for a bed that keeps it shape by bouncing back night after night.

As you will learn below, Therapedic™ uses more resilient higher density foams. Higher density means less air, and this results in a longer overall mattress life.

The HD Medicoil 3000 is extra firm with just enough cushion to comfort your body throughout the night. While no mattress is impervious to sagging, this one fights back against premature wear instead of just “giving in” like the competitors.

And this same mattress is available in a 2-sided flippable version for even longer life (HD Medicoil 3500).

Learn more in our Details and Description.

The Backbone of every Medicoil Mattress the OPTIONAL FOUNDATION:

Click Below to Add.
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medicoil hd 3000 or 3500 cornermedicoil

Medicoil HD 3500 Mattress

From: $1,713.00

fs_prod1 (1)The Durable Mattress

Have you had problems with excessive mattress wear and suspect that personal body weight may be a contributing issue of premature mattress sagging and body impressions?

The Medicoil HD 3500 Mattress from Therapedic™ takes advantage of some of the highest quality building materials put into a bed these days. Due to it’s superior strength, this bed is much more resistant to body depressions and is longer lasting. Therapedic™ can claim such durability because they do not skimp where it’s most important – the raw building materials.

More steel and enhanced Talalay Latex rubber makes for a bed that keeps bouncing back night after night.

As you will learn below, they use more resilient foams with higher density and infusion of less air which contributes to a longer mattress life overall.

The feel of this mattress is extra firm with just enough cushion to comfort your body throughout the night. While no mattress is impervious to sagging, this one fights back against premature wear instead of just “giving in” like the other branded mattresses.

The Backbone of every Medicoil Mattress the OPTIONAL FOUNDATION: Click Below to Add.
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Medicoil HD 5000 Pillowmedicoil

Medicoil HD 5000 Pillow Top Mattress

From: $1,772.00

fs_prod1 (1)Pillow Top for Big, Tall, & Plus Sizes

Tired of mattresses that wear out before they should? How can we put a stop to it? Stop buying beds that are not up to the task.

Sub-par mattresses incorporate less than adequate building materials and, for some reason, have become the industry norm. The Medicoil HD 5000 Pillow Top Mattress isn’t put together like the cookie-cutter brand name mattresses.

Just look at what’s inside of them: super heavy duty springs, high density and resiliency foams, and natural latex rubber.

Learn about those innards below

The OPTIONAL FOUNDATION is the Backbone of each and every Medicoil Mattress. Click to Below and add one to your new mattress and get your complete price.
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medicoil hd 1000 or 1500 cornermedicoil

Medicoil HD1500 Two Sided Mattress

From: $1,289.00

Nothing Lasts Longer!

fs_prod1 (1)

The Medicoil HD 1500 two-sided Mattress from Therapedic® is not a one-size-fits-all bed.

If you are plus-sized, you probably already know that the industry just doesn’t seem to build mattresses that can handle the extra weight that is exerted on a mattress day in and day out over months or years.

The question is – Does anyone make a super heavy duty mattress that can hold me?

Yes, The Bedding Group, Licensee for Therapedic®, does!!

They have designed a bed for ALL buyers that incorporates a higher level of comfort, more support and stability, and overall unmatched durability. This product was built in direct response to all of those customers crying out that their beds don’t hold up under the bigger heavier sleeper. Contact us and learn what makes this bed so different, or see more details below.

OPTIONAL FOUNDATION: Reminder to select the heavy duty Therability™ HD Foundation to support your new mattress.
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