Reviving old dresser

Tips for Reviving an Old Dresser

March 24, 2014
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Ways To Make Your Old Dresser Work Today

So maybe it’s time to redecorate the bedroom or perhaps your old furniture has seen better days. The thought of coordinating all new bedroom furniture might seem like an expensive endeavor considering bedroom sets can cost into the thousands. Breathing new life into your bedroom can be as simple as looking at the items you already have, and finding a way to make them look like new again! This eliminates the expense of buying new furniture and keeps your old furniture from ending up spending the rest of its existence in a landfill. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know to revive an old dresser.


No One Will Realize It’s The Same Dresser

A dresser is an easy piece of furniture to spruce up. Made from wood, dressers are created to last and don’t need replacing often. Unfortunately, as humans, we seek change and might get tired of the look of our bedroom long before our furniture’s life is over. Before going out and spending money on a new piece of furniture, consider reviving the old dresser you already own. A gallon of paint costs, on average, about sixty dollars which will be more than enough to cover a piece of furniture. This is considerably less money than buying a whole new piece of furniture, which can cost easily hundreds of dollars. A quick sanding and a couple of coats of paint and you can have your dresser looking like new! The paint will cover up any scratches or chips and a new color will refresh the look of your room.

Simple Changes Can Make A Big Difference

Another quick and cute way you can give personality to a tired, worn-out dresser is by changing the knobs. Hardware stores sell plenty of knobs in different colors and designs and it’s easy to find the perfect one to match the décor of your room. Additionally, try lining the drawers of your dresser with patterned wallpaper. This is a great way to clean up the look of the inside of the drawers and it also might make looking through your drawers a little more easy on the eyes.

Re-purposing The Dresser In A Different Area Of The House

If you no longer want the dresser in your bedroom but can’t bear to part with it, consider moving it to a whole new area of the house. Dressers don’t have to be used strictly for clothing. Refinish your furniture, change the knobs, do what needs to be done to redo its look, and then consider using it for storage in the kitchen, family room, or dining area as a buffet. With a little bit of creativity, this piece could easily double as a beautiful backboard in a bar area. Perhaps keeping it in the house wasn’t what you had in mind consider using it in your garage or workshop. Dressers can be excellent storage units for silverware, tools, or your kids’ small toys. Placing dividers inside the drawers can make it easy to keep your items organized and separate from one another.

Before throwing away an “old” dresser, consider using these tips on reviving an old dresser to save yourself money and maybe even the hassle of furniture shopping. These can also be helpful for first-time homeowners who want to save money on furniture by buying secondhand and refinishing. It’s easy to make furniture that some might consider outdated to look new and attractive again with just a little imagination.

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