Would You Revive Your Mattress If It Only Takes 15 Minutes?

Would You Revive Your Mattress If It Only Takes 15 Minutes?

July 4, 2017
Healthy Sleep

A new mattress cleaning service is available for those who’d like to do a little CPR on their existing mattresses, and we’re interested in your thoughts, questions and feedback about it. Within 15 minutes, right outside of your residence, a mattress can be sterilized, freshened, dried and ready for reuse — all with the use of environmentally friendly methods.

That’s right, it’s a mattress cleaning service whose technicians actually come to your home!

Mattresses are gathering places for some of life’s unhealthy elements about which we would rather not know or dwell on. But, staying ahead of hygiene objectives with mattresses is a wise step to take for your own personal well-being.

This new mattress cleaning approach doesn’t use chemicals. Instead, the service is based on ultraviolet light, 350-degree dry steam, high-powered vacuuming, infra red heat and an ozone generator treatment through a mobile mattress station in the back of a truck. The five-step process eliminates dust mites, molds, bacteria, viruses and bed bugs. Mattress stains and odors also can be spot-treated and removed.

For younger mattresses that aren’t quite ready for replacement, this alternative service is a good way to sanitize and neaten your sleeping surface until it’s time for a new mattress. It certainly is a splendid option for anyone who fears germs or faces health complications from asthma!

Generally speaking, mold or mildew from moisture in a mattress isn’t good, because you don’t want to be inhaling from and sleeping on top of a bed of mold spores for 8 hours every night. Additionally, mold is complicated to eradicate completely from a mattress, so finding a process that really fights it is encouraging.

Industry research indicates mites are located in more than 95 percent of all mattresses. According to American College of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology statistics, approximately 10 percent of Americans exhibit allergic sensitivity to dust mites. To get this type of massive cleaning job done, the vacuum plenum used for this mattress revival approach is about 10 times as strong as household vacuums. In fact, the cleaning method is relied upon for sanitizing beds used in hospitals and hotels.

For those whose pets sleep in bed with them, the cleaning method enables the removal of pet dander, dead skin cells and urine or fecal matter. WebMD information confirms that dust mites like to eat dead skin from pets and humans, and that one person or pet probably sheds enough skin a day to feed a million dust mites.

Routine cleanings may prolong a mattress’ life by reducing the buildup of allergens and biological loads on them. Once-a-year mattress cleaning is recommended for typical households, or twice a year for those who sleep with pets.

The cleaning process works on inner spring, memory foam, gel and vinyl mattresses.

Benefits from keeping a clean mattress are that there could be cost-savings from extending the natural life of your mattress; you’re surrounding yourself with a healthier sleep aid in a natural way; and you’re removing allergens from dust mites that can be interlopers to your good night’s sleep.