How often should a mattresses be replaced? How long do they last?


I recently saw a Mattress Firm commercial that said I should replace my mattress every eight years.

How long do mattresses last?


That is a very good commercial it highlights one of the biggest problems consumers have to deal with, when to replace the mattress.  In many cases they are correct however the timetable in which a mattress wears out varies greatly as you are about to learn .

Here are a few factors that may be a little more obvious such as how the mattress was used for example (master bedroom used by adults nightly, guest bedroom which can have varied levels of usage. Sometimes the beds are slept on by adults other times it may be used by children, while still other peoples’ extra bedroom never ever gets used.

Another thing to think about is whether or not the bed has doubled as a trampoline. I know I know sounds silly but let’s face it many times when we’re not looking the kids start jumping. A key reason many kid beds don’t hold up. Probably one of the key considerations is whether or not the mattress and boxspring received proper care and maintenance and/or the overall quality of the mattress itself. Care would be things like rotating and flipping if applicable and regular vacuuming and cleaning of the bed linens. Accelerated wear and mattress break down and longer mattress life is often a result of construction, the kind of mattress or type, and building materials . These few descriptions can be anything from beds that are best to be looked rather than slept on because they are so cheap to products that can stand the test of time and last up to 30 years.

Finally the most important thing to consider is the personal comfort level or a person’s lifestyle. This is because our bodies comfort and support needs change with time and over a course of  years  a mattress may have outgrown its useful life. We encourage you to think about these things and ask yourself the following questions:

•Am I sleeping better or worse than I did 1 year ago?
•Do you wake up feeling stiff & sore?
•Would a new mattress improve my sleep?
•Are there visible signs of wear and tear on my mattress?
You may want to consider purchasing a new mattress is you answered “yes” to any of the above questions. What do furnaces and air conditioners tires and mattresses all have in common?  We tend to overlook them and don’t think about them until we call upon them and they fail us. A good rule of thumb; on a regular basis “check” your mattress using the four questions above at least twice a year or even when you have the bedding off for regular care and maintenance You don’t want mattress wear and tear sneaking up on you and interrupting your sleep do  you?