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Top 10 Things You Should Never Do To Your Mattress and Box Spring

September 26, 2011
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So you thought there was nothing you needed to know about mattresses and box springs? We think you will be surprised how many no no’s your guilty of. Go ahead, test yourself and see if you do any of the…

Top 10 Things You Should Never Do To Your Mattress and Box Spring.

  1. Stand, Jump or yes even sit on your mattress. Mattresses have many layers of padding that make them comfortable. These layers rest on steel coil springs. We realize most adults don’t stand or jump on their mattress but often their kids do and nearly everyone sits in bed or sits on the edge of their bed. This will force the layers into the springs and will damage the mattress and shorten its life.
  2. Never flip your mattress over if it is one sided and sleep on it. The majority of mattresses are built in a one sided design today and should not be flipped over. There is no padding or comfort layers located here. It will not hold up or feel good because only the one side is designed for comfort and support.
  3. Leave your mattress in the same position that you installed it. Many manufacturers now have never turn or rotate warranties and that is fine. However this does not mean you won’t have problems. While you don’t have to rotate or put air in car tires we all know what happens when we don’t. Turn or rotate your mattress regularly at least once a month to minimize body impressions and extend bed life.
  4. Not using a mattress pad or mattress protector is one of the big no no’s that people seem to do. A mattress pad or protector is an important safeguard that absorbs moisture and can keep mattresses from getting stained. Mattress warranties are usually void if they have a stain on them.
  5. Not using sheets. This seems like a no brainer but I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this happen. Like a mattress pad a good sheet set will help to protect the mattress. Perform regular mattress care and maintenance. Once a week the bed sheets need to be washed and mattress pads or protectors every 2-4 weeks as needed. Lastly while bedding is removed this is a great time to vacuum the mattress to remove loose dirt and dust.
  6. Let your mattress get wet. Water or any other type of moisture can damage the upholstery. If moisture is not dried it can become a haven for mold and mildew and become a health hazard for the sleeper.
  7. Clean your mattress yourself. If the mattress is dirty there are ways to clean a mattress however we encourage and recommend you seek out a professional upholstery cleaning service. They will see to it that the mattress is cleaned properly, stains are removed or  minimized while limiting unnecessary moisture that can cause more serious problems.
  8. Bend or Fold your mattress. Mattresses either have steel border rods or foam encased edges along with steel coils. All of these things can be damaged or even ruined if bent or folded.
  9. Use your mattress and boxspring without a proper supporting bed frame is probably one of the most often don’t do’s that people do. A proper supporting frame will help properly distribute weight evenly on the boxspring. Without a frame the boxspring will bow, sag, or even worse break. Seek out manufacturers or retailers advice on how to support a box spring correctly.
  10. Stain your mattress. Do not smudge or stain your mattress, most mattress manufacturers have a disclaimer that says if the mattress is stained, smudged or marked up they reserve to the right to refuse warranty coverage. One way to protect your bed from such marks or scuffs to to wrap it in a couple fitted sheets and carry it instead of dragging it if you are  moving.