Dresser St. Louis

August 4, 2009
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Dresser St. Louis

If you are shopping for a big selection of dressers and bedroom furniture to furnish your bedroom you will want to look no further than STL Beds. They are Saint Louis’ best choice for good quality dressers in every style and color you can imagine at the lowest prices in town.

Examples of their Dressers:
Country Style

We display many different types of dressers to give your old or new bedroom the look you have always dreamed of. They carry some of the best quality dressers at dirt cheep prices. They even carry dressers to meet a small budget.

What to look for when purchasing a dresser.

Determine what style of dresser you want or need.

Do you need to match existing bed room set?

Not sure what kind of quality you need in a dresser or what to look for? Let one of their expert associates show you the differences in:

Drawer Guides

A dresser is a convenient and organized way to put the items away neatly that you’re not using. Just look at the things you can store: shirts, socks, under clothes, sweaters, sweat shirts, summer and winter items.

A furniture expert can answer your questions and teach you the important things to know regarding dresser construction. When shopping around it is important to have a good understanding of both the big and small differences so that you can best determine what pieces will best serve your usage needs and not only that but you’ll know what questions to ask of your salesperson through out the shopping process.

If your not one that wants to get down and search out the details. A furniture expert can be of a lot of help telling you important information like whether or not a dresser contains particleboard, plywood, or is made from solid wood.
They can point out the distinctions between various joints used to assemble a drawer, point out the variety of moldings used in design, or the detailed touches like motifs, handles, and knobs.

Whether you are thinking about a dresser for the kids’ room, the master bedroom, or the spare bedroom STLBeds is the best place to shop for a new dresser, discounted floor model or even used at a bargain discount price. Shop for your next dresser at the place that not only has a great selection but also has the dresser you’ve been looking for.