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If You’re Experiencing All Pain & No Pleasure, It’s Time For A Better Mattress

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Comfort life for a mattress lasts approximately 8 years before it begins to look uneven due to break down and become much less comfortable for you. There are many signs to tell you that you should get a new mattress to increase your restfulness at night. If you have a mattress that is too firm and not worn completely out, you can simply adjust that firmness by adding a soft mattress topper to it to increase your comfort level for yourself at night. Here are just a few signs that may indicate it’s time for you to replace your mattress with a better one.

Stiffness And/Or Soreness In The Mornings

If you wake in the morning and experience stiff or sore joints and muscles, your innerspring mattress may be pressing into your back. As a mattress compresses and loses its support, it will not adequately support you. This is also true if you chose a mattress that is too soft.

You Wake Up Tired

When you feel like you slept enough hours for the night, but you have a hard time getting up in the mornings because you feel tired, you may not sleeping well. Mattresses can cause pressure points, sag or have weak support that gives you poor quality of sleep. Simple ways to check this is when staying elsewhere like a relatives, hotel or bed and breakfast and you notice somethings different when compared to your current sleep system. These differences are sudden and immediate and you will notice a remarkable difference in how you slept and feel on a different mattress and after waking in the morning.

Tossing And Turning

When you toss and turn a lot at night, it is usually because you can’t find a sleeping position that feels comfortable. It is natural for people to move some at night, although if you are turning and tossing and wake up, then you are getting a poor quality of sleep. Factors that cause tossing and turning. Lack of core support. Worn coil springs, old base foam and box springs that no longer support are just a few issues that can contribute disrupted sleep and poor support.

Sagging Mattresses

When the innerspring section of a mattress begins to sag, or the foam mattress surface looks and feels more like a hammock, it is because it is a result of uneven wear or age. Most people don’t think about turning their mattress very often, but it helps you to get more even wear over the entire surface. If you cared for your mattress as directed this can prolong premature sag. A sagging mattress no longer gives you the support you need and it needs to be replaced.

Lumpy Mattresses

When the padding on the interior of the mattress shifts, it causes lumps and bumps on the surface, which is due to compression of the fill or failure of the foams’ cell structure. The fill in cheaper mattresses may be poor quality and low density and can lead to this situation. Even quality mattresses eventually become lumpy or bumpy with age. Everything wears out over time. Is yours lumpy and bumpy?

Rolling Into The Hole

If you have a sleep partner and you both tend to roll into the hole of the mattress, then sagging is likely causing this to happen. This usually wakes up sleeping companions as well as yourself and signifies the need for a new mattress. Preventative maintenance is the key here. Good quality materials and regular care like regular mattress rotation and flipping the mattress over (if applicable) can lengthen mattress life and keep the surface of the mattress feeling comfy and supportive for many many years to come.

Impressions In The Mattress

When you can see an impression in the mattress that does not rise back upward when you get out of bed, it is time for a new mattress. This is actually the most extreme level of a mattress that is past and ready to be replaced. Sorry, adding mattress topper usually does not fix this problem.

Box Springs Creak And Moan

If you have a box spring underneath your mattress for support and it makes noises or the surface isn’t flat and has give, then the box spring / foundation probably isn’t providing the mattress enough support. When this happens, your mattress is probably in bad shape and you will need both a new mattress and a new box spring / foundation. If one is bad, it is highly likely that the other is bad as well.

You Sleep Better In A Different Bed

Like we said before, if you feel more rested after sleeping in a different bed at a friend’s house, a hotel or on a couch, it is probably a pretty good sign that your own mattress needs replacing for your comfort and sleep health.

After reading this article we hope that you have enough information to know if it’s time for a better mattress and why not consider the company that delivers sweet dreams, STL Beds?

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