Back Pain? Could It Be Your Mattress?

Back Pain? Could It Be Your Mattress?

3 reasons your mattress is failing and causing you back pain.

    1. Lacks Necessary Support
    2. Lack of High Level Comfort
    3. Lack of Proper Firmness

Two of the more obvious signs that it might be time for a new mattress are that you are stiff and sore after you wake up. The evidence shows that your old mattress could be responsible for this unnecessary pain or discomfort you’re feeling.

* Lacks Necessary Support

While many of us already know that our mattress is old we tend to ignore it, blow it off or simply overlook the signs thinking all is okay. Convincing ourselves that the bed still looks good and therefore there can’t possibly be anything wrong with it couldn’t be further from the truth. The support of most mattresses comes from coil springs and upholstery that wear out and down. Layers can be anything from polyurethane foam layers, polyester fiber even memory foam or latex rubber. When these mattress components get worn they can no longer support and conform to your body the way they were built too. This lack of support throughout the night can make getting a restful night’s sleep a nightmare.

* Lack High Level Comfort

While it is true some brag that older mattresses are comfortable I would remind people of old shoes and tires and how they become worn. Mattresses are no different. Old mattress comfort is generally short lived and with a complete night of use the innards of the bed begin to reveal the truth, their inability to offer 6-9 hours of steady high level of comfort. This is typically due to worn out materials, and lack of what I like to call buoyancy that really shows in older mattresses. A bottoming out of sorts starts to take place because the cushioning has become fatigued and worn. Our sleeping position is often affected by hard or soft spots and unnecessary pressure points. The resulting discomfort causes us to move, and sometimes move to a less comfortable less favored less comfortable sleeping position causing back pain.

* Lack of Proper Firmness

The wise words of my teacher, mother, and grandmother reminding me to sit up straight still resonate in my mind as I’m sure some of you can relate. These people loved and cared about us and were genuinely concerned about our bad posture. The fact is most of us are aware bad posture by itself is known to lead to back problems so it only makes since that we do not allow bad posture in our mattress.  It’s important that our spine be correctly supported even while we sleep. While most mattresses use coil springs for their core support because they’re durable and long lasting the fact is they do not last forever  and lose most of their original firmness in 8 years or less. Coil spring fatigue is the problem and is best explained as an exhausted worn piece of coiled steel. Eventually weight and time not to mention countless spring oscillations causes metal fatigue and the spring rate decreases firmness and the coil springs giving less total body support and potentially even sag.

If your bed does not allow you the same posture while lying in bed that you assume while standing, it may be time for a new mattress. If your mattress lacks proper support, comfort, or firmness it is very likely you are in the market for a new mattress and very well  may be the reason you experience trouble falling asleep, wake up tired and groggy, and even feel sore or experience back pain. So if you have asked these two questions: Am I Tired of Dealing with Back Pain? Could It Be Due To My Mattress? Look no further than the STL Beds for your mattress solution.