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Making the Switch from Queen to King Bed

Exchanging a queen for king bed, the details you haven’t considered

So it’s time for an upgrade and you’ve made the decision to switch from a queen sized mattress to a king. There’s a lot of thought that goes into deciding to make that switch, and a lot of accommodation that ensues. A king sized bed typically adds an extra sixteen inches of width and therefore can be an excellent addition for people who sleep with their pets, their kids, or those who just prefer the extra room to move around freely and comfortably. But making the switch from a queen to king bed entails more than just buying a new mattress and seeing if it will fit, it’s extremely important to consider all the other adaptions you’ll have to make as well.

Changing sizes is more than just buying a new king size bed.

When making the switch from a queen to a king mattress typically you will have to buy a new metal bed frame. Unless you have an adjustable bed frame that can be moved from queen to king size, a king size mattress will not fit on a queen frame width-wise. This means not only purchasing a new bed frame but also removing it and disposing of the pieces.

A king size headboards or complete beds that include a headboard and footboard are considerably larger than a queen size and plans will have to be made to accommodate its extra 16 inches of bed width. This might mean rearranging bedroom furniture, possibly removing one or two of the pieces, and perhaps even finding a new king bed to coordinate with your existing bedroom set. It’s important to measure and prepare for the extra space to be taken up in the room before moving the new mattress and bed frame in to assure your room and furniture layout can fit the extra inches of your new mattress.

What will it take to dress your new king bed?

Just like a king size mattress won’t fit a queen frame, queen sized sheets won’t fit your new king mattress. This means embarking on the exciting process of picking out new sheets and a new bedspread in king size. This can often be a prime opportunity to experiment with a new pattern or colors, freshening up the look of your bedroom! Either way, purchasing a bigger mattress means purchasing new sheets and bed clothes to fit the extra width of your mattress. This doesn’t have to be an expensive investment, as you can often find sets of sheets and comforters relatively cheap, but it is still one to be considered when upgrading to something bigger. You might even consider purchasing extra pillows to make sure every inch of your new bed is covered in comfort.

All in all, a king size bed can be an exciting and comfortable addition to your bedroom. It offers extra room and spacious comfort. It’s important to remember that switching from a queen to a king mattress is not simply about switching mattresses. It’s important to make sure that your room can accommodate the extra length and that you budgeted accordingly to buy a bed frame and bed sheets to fit the new piece of furniture. Although it seems like a lot to think about, when it’s all said and done and you’re left alone to enjoy your new mattress, you’ll know upgrading was the right decision that will accommodate you and yours for many years to come.

Douglas Belleville

Doug Belleville and his father Dave own and run STLBeds - a specialty sleep store located in Arnold, MO. The staff at STLBeds is highly educated about sleep, comfort and their special sleep products. STLBeds only carries high quality mattresses and bed-related products. You won't find the brand names here - click here to find out why!

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