Woman sleeping. Sleep Is A Cold Prevention Strategy.

Sleep Is A Cold Prevention Strategy?

March 14, 2011
Healthy Sleep

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Today we are going to be discussing the question “Sleep Is A Cold Prevention Strategy?”.

If you could do 1 thing to change your health for the better, that would not cost you a dime, and didn’t require an expensive diet or exercise regimen would you consider it?

As you get ready for summer we must wade through the springtime both literally and figuratively, and along with spring comes great fluctuations in temperature that make everyday dressing tough. Cool temperatures in the morning compel us to leave home wearing a jacket to return home in warmer temps only to forget it.

We can barely prepare for what to wear each morning for drastic changes in weather on a spring day so is there anything we can do to prepare for the springtime cold and flu season?  Springtime is a prime time of year to come down with the common cold and your sleep could be the key to cold prevention and better health for you and your family. According to a recent WebMD article and leading physicians William Ellert, M.D and Diwakar Balachandran, MD getting a good night of sleep or the lack of it affects your immune system in significant ways.

Little girl sick being consoled by her mom. Sleep Is A Cold Prevention Strategy.

Sleep Loss Not Only Plays A Role In Whether We Come Down With A Cold Or The Flu

Sleep also influences how we fight illnesses by means of fevers when we do ultimately come down with such ill health.

Not getting an adequate amount of sleep has been associated to a whole host of mental & physical health problems, as well as those that initiate from an impaired immune system. Our body has a natural weapon called the immune system which is quite complex it is intended to protect us from ailments, colds, and even the flu, but when it is not performing up to snuff, it fails to do its job correctly.

What Are The Consequences Of Less Sleep?

  • A weakening of the body’s immune system.
  • Sick days.
  • Less Energy.
  • Decrease your body’s ability to take action against bacterial infections or colds.
  • How Sleep helps.

Sleep controls the release of a hormone that stimulates cells that boost the immune system and just like a well-maintained vehicle which performs better and is less likely to break down a well-tuned immune system is critical in our body’s defense against the cold virus. People often ask how much sleep is needed to help steer clear of the common cold.  A minimum of seven hours of sleep is the easiest way and studies show that people who don’t are three times more likely to catch a cold when they fall short of that minimum. So make your bedtime more healthful and your life more energetic and productive and get some sleep your health may depend on it.

We hope we were able to answer your questions about whether Sleep Is A Cold Prevention Strategy.

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