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Mattress Smells Prevention Remedy

May 10, 2010
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What causes a mattress to smell?

Often in the process of delivering a brand new mattress we are asked to remove and dispose of the old one. One of the first things we frequently notice when we walk into a bedroom we’ve never been in before is an odor. It may seem gross but it is more common than you might think. This is more often than not a result of forgetting about, neglect, or lack of knowledge in proper preventative mattress care. No matter what the reason, below is a list of steps that can be taken to prevent it from happening to your brand new mattress. Lets face it mattresses can be expensive and if the following steps are not taken the end result will be an embarrassing smelly bed and or bedroom and hard earned money wasted.


How to prevent mattress smell?

The old familiar question is this “my mattress smells really bad and it’s affecting my whole room, is there a way to clean it?” I think the best answer starts with the old cliché an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The key really is prevention which is where I start my explanation in the hopes the customer will never have it happen again. Keep the mattress clean by practicing normal mattress maintenance includes:

• Use sheets and a Mattress pad
• Cleaning the sheets at least once a week
• Wash the mattress pad more frequently
• Use bed linens that include a large amount of absorbent fabrics like cotton
• Vacuum your mattress regularly
• If possible on a nice sunny day place your mattress outside
• Enclose the mattress in a Zippered Mattress Protector / Encasement

What to do about a mattress that smells bad?

• Have it professionally cleaned
• Steam cleaners are a common cleaning option
• Dry cleaning solutions should not be used for cleaning mattresses
• Home remedies for mattress cleaning and stain removal
• When cleaning mattresses, always be sure to check the manufacturer’s care label, call the retailer that you purchased the mattress from, or most importantly contact the manufacturer to avoid voiding your manufacturers warranty and potentially damaging or completely ruining your mattress.

What ever method of mattress cleaning you choose inner foam layers should never get wet. Inner layers are nearly impossible to get completely dry which can cause mold and mildew.