Replace Only The Thermostat Or Only The Waterbed Heater Pad On A Waterbed?

What Does Room Temperature Have to Do With Purchasing a Bed?

July 28, 2009
In the Bedroom

Does the temperature in your bedroom affect your mattress?

The answer is yes “more than you might think!” Most people never give any thought to what room temperature has to do with your next mattress purchase. At STL Beds we have had issues raised by not only our customer but the customers of our competitors. So today we will address some of the common ones.

One of the most common is by waterbed owners that claim their waterbed heater is not working even a week or more after having it professionally installed. After some thorough questioning and in some cases actually going out to the home we have found a common thread, a bed is located in a room with little or no heat! More true than ever with the evolvement down to a 300 watt waterbed heater, now more than ever the heaters do not have the capabilities to heat a king size waterbed barely covered in a 50 degree room. The remedy we suggest piling on the blankets, sheets, or a insulated mattress pad. That should do the trick and save you lots of money on your energy bill.

Now that you have been warned about temperature and mattresses we would like to talk about memory foam mattresses in very cold spaces. If you do this expect that if the temperature dips into the freezing temperatures you will have a solid frozen brick of foam. Memory foam is heat reactive. It responds to your body heat as well as room temperature. We can tell you numerous stories where people have put memory foam or visco foam in an unheated guesthouse, truck sleeper cabs, RV’s or a cool or cold basement only to find that the mattress would either freeze or get considerably firmer if not kept properly heated. It’s true a memory foam mattress can become rock hard at 30 degrees and take over a day to warm to sleep temperature so if you buy memory foam mattresses and take it home only to find it does not feel exactly like it did at the store you may be right. If your bedroom is 20 degrees cooler than the mattress showrooms give your mattress salesmen a break. Don’t call the memory foam mattress dealer and tell him he sent the wrong mattress. Your cool or cold bedroom is most likely the culprit.

When it comes to the typical mattress and boxspring we have not seen this to be a problem unless the mattress is built using a large amount of temperature sensitive memory foam in them. However we have not only read about but experienced some complaints about airbeds being cold. These too were in bedrooms with very low room temperatures. So the next time you go mattress shopping you may want to consider room temperature when making your next mattress selection.